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Paul Hill's book, Mix My Blood with the Blood of the Unborn, now on line.

The Health Journal Southside Hampton Roads gives Planned Parenthood free ink.
Brian Freer Publisher - Ravi Shamaiengar, MD Medical Editor.
A Time To Kill by Rev. Mike Bray.
Hampton Roads Abortion Mills.
Leaderless Resistance.
Rev. Denny Green and Life and Liberty Ministries
Dennis Malvasi and Loretta Marra
Dennis Malvasi - Letter to the White Rose Banquet 2002AD
Big Brothers Big Sisters BBBS
What to do when Officer Friendly comes a calling
Babies need to be protected from babykilling abortionists and from those who want to murder them
Babies deserve to be protected from babykilling abortionists who want to murder them
Link Between Contraception and Abortion
A much needed story, not often told.
Babies deserve to be protected from babykilling abortionists.
Excerpt from Gideon's Torch, babykilling abortionist gets whacked
Thanks be to God and the Christian Terrorist
A Commentary by Chuck Spingola
Jesse Dirkhising
From Sea to Shining Sea
Local Churches
Extra-Bibical sources on the sin of Homosexuality
The Homo News
Planned Parenthood Virginia Beach Virginia
Sodomite Elton John publicly mocked and blasphemed our Lord Jesus Christ.

Elton John coming to Norfolk Virginia - Ted Constant Center ODU
Old Dominion University

Out in the Park - Towne Pointe Park in Norfolk Virginia taken over by homosexual sodomites.

The Southside Woman of Hampton Roads

Terry McAuliffe for Governor

Terry McAuliffe sodomite pusher

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Mark Potok - Anti-Christian Bigot
Southern Poverty Law Center

Mayor Annise Parker - Mayor of Houston Texas

Khizr Khan

The Die is Cast by David Maccabbee - Alea Iacta Est

Delegate Barry D. Knight R-Virginia Beach - Bathroom Bill

The Gift of Tongues

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