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Mark 8:36 For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?
   Paul Ross Evans outlines his actions before being busted for attempting to blow up a babykilling abortion mill.
   I, of course, do not agree with everything this young man attempted to do, but as you know we are under FREEDOM OF CHOICE.
Methodical Terrorism: How and Why
Candid Analysis of Forceful Action Against Murder Mills  by Paul Ross Evans

“Out in the Park” Norfolk 10,000 plus homosexuals gather to do who knows what to themselves in Towne Point Park 5
72-Year-Old Vandal Slashes Tires at Abortion Protest
NAPLES, Florida -- A Naples man admitted responsibility for slashing tires of two cars last week at an anti-abortion rally near Planned Parenthood of Collier County and the victims agreed not to press charges in exchange for restitution, according to a Naples Police report. Fred Wicke, 72, 535 Broad Ave. S., came to the police department on Friday, Jan. 23, and admitted he was responsible for slashing the passenger side tires of two vehicles belonging to Eileen and Joe Hennessy. The Hennessys are members of Action for Life, an abortion-opponents organization in Naples. At the scene, a witness provided police with a description of Wicke who denied involvement when questioned by an officer, according to the police report. The next day, Wicke gave a sworn statement, apologized for his actions and offered to make restitution. The total repair cost to both vehicles was $451.
Unborn babies deserve to be protected from the babykilling abortionists that would kill them.
Unfortunately this babykilling abortion mill did not burn to the ground and into a pile of ashes. Now they will just keep on murdering helpless unborn babies made in the image and likeness of God.
Fire Hits LeRoy Carhart's Abortion Clinic
Lincoln Journal Star
BELLEVUE -- A nationally known baby killer said he hopes to have his Omaha-area clinic operating by the middle of next week after a fire destroyed the basement Friday. Federal investigators were looking into what caused the fire at Dr. LeRoy Carhart’s clinic, which for years has been the target of anti-abortion protests. Carhart, who was on vacation in the Florida Keys, said no one had recently threatened him or his clinic. It is housed in a two-story, brick-and-stone building in Bellevue, a suburb south of Omaha. In 1991, Carhart’s rural home and barn burned in a fire that killed the family dog and cat and 17 horses. That fire was ruled arson. He said he’s hopeful this one was not set intentionally. “It’s always in your mind,” he said Friday.
Fire Guts Basement At Abortion Clinic
LeRoy Carhart's Abortion Clinic fire Bellevue Leader An early morning fire gutted the basement of the Abortion & Contraception Clinic of Nebraska on Mission Avenue in Bellevue. The fire apparently started in the basement but was contained before it could spread to the clinic upstairs, said Jack Syphers, Bellevue Volunteer Fire Department spokesman.
Fire Hits Abortion Clinic (Video clip)
BELLEVUE, Nebraska -- A Bellevue Fire Department officials says a preliminary investigation into a fire at an abortion clinic indicates the blaze may have been accidental. Jack Syphers with the department says nothing so far indicates this morning's fire at Dr. LeRoy Carhart's clinic was arson. Syphers says the FBI and other federal investigators were on the scene because federal law requires them to investigate fires at abortion clinics and churches.
Unborn babies deserve to be protected from the babykilling abortionists that would kill them.

Bomb Threat Evacuates Bellingham Planned Parenthood
The Bellingham Herald
BELLINGHAM -- A suspicious backpack that was part of a bomb scare at the Mt. Baker Planned Parenthood on Thursday, Nov. 13, did not contain any explosives. The Bellingham Police Department's bomb squad blew up the backpack, which turned out to contain several Whatcom Transportation Authority bus schedules, and searched the rest of the facility with a bomb-sniffing dog but failed to find any explosives, Bellingham Police Lt. Steve Felmley said. A man called Planned Parenthood, 1520 Ellis St., at about 10:15 a.m. to say there was a bomb in the building and that it was the will of God, Felmley said.
Unborn babies deserve to be protected from the babykilling abortionists that would kill them.
Feds Seek Suspect in Clinic Incidents
Source: Planned Parenthood of New Mexico, Inc.
  The FBI is seeking information about the individual responsible for hate crimes directed at the Planned Parenthood of New Mexico health center in Rio Rancho, NM. In May a male suspect was caught on surveillance cameras spray-painting anti-abortion slogans on the windows. He also fired a gunshot into the clinic. The Rio Rancho health center provides reproductive health care but does not offer abortion services.
On July 17 an employee found anti-abortion literature and a note taped to her car windshield. Two days later, gunshots were again fired into the clinic. Officials believe the incidents are related.  Anyone with information about this crime should call the Rio Rancho police at 505-891-7226.

Video: Theatening note found at Planned Parenthood
Unborn babies deserve to be protected from the babykilling abortionists that would kill them.
Under the Authority of Bishop Robert N. Lynch
Contact: The Society for Truth and Justice, 904-461-0834, 406-860-9738
  WASHINGTON Christian Newswire/ -- On Wednesday, June 18, at 8:30 a.m., Joseph Landry will stand trial at 14250 49th St N, Clearwater, FL 33762 (County of Pinellas: Criminal Justice Center) for "criminal trespassing" for handing out pro-life flyers in the parking lot of St. Jude's Cathedral during mass.
  Mr. Landry is a graduate of Franciscan University of Steubenville; he majored in philosophy and theology; since graduating he has spent the last four years in full-time service to church in missions, youth work at the diocesan level, and pro-life work.
  Mr. Landry was in the news several times for his work against pro-abortion candidate Rudy Giuliani in New Hampshire and Florida.

Unborn babies deserve to be protected from the babykilling abortionists that would kill them.
Street preacher says he was bound for spreading the gospel
"Any coward who supports abortion has the blood of babies on their hands"
A street preacher and aspiring politician says he was bound in handcuffs for spreading the gospel Saturday night in downtown Cleveland.
Jason Werner, 28, was arrested after the manager of the Blue Point Grille said his customers inside the building complained they could hear Werner and his friend preaching outside.
"Any coward who supports abortion has the blood of babies on their hands," Werner said they preached near West Sixth Street and St. Clair Avenue. "Live for Jesus Christ and you're guaranteed to go straight to heaven. Live for yourself, and you'll go straight to hell."
Suddenly, the police showed up. One of the officers who arrived at the scene, Patrolman Martin Rudin, has had more citizen complaints lodged against him in recent years than any other officer in the Cleveland Police Department.
Werner, who has failed twice to unseat Congressman Dennis Kucinich, said Rudin and his partner ordered the corner preachers to go across the street. Werner refused. He said guests across the street were eating outside and would have complained.
Werner said the tension rose when he asked what he had done wrong and for Rudin's badge number. Rudin reached for his gun, Werner said.
Unborn babies deserve to be protected from the babykilling abortionists that would kill them.
(Who can blame Alexis Keiser. Planned Parenthood kills helpless babies in their mother's womb. The employees of Planned Parenthood are as evil as any human beings can possibly be.)
Planned Parenthood Clinic Attacked by Distraught Woman
The woman entered clinic behind a staff member coming to work.
ABC 17 TV News
COLUMBIA, Missouri -- A Columbia woman is free after an attack at the local Planned Parenthood this morning. 42-year-old Alexis Keiser violated a restraining order against the business for the second time Wednesday, causing considerable damage and injuring staff. Keiser was released on a summons. The woman entered the Planned Parenthood behind a staff member coming to work. Keiser went unnoticed until she started throwing tables and chairs, ransacking clinic rooms and destroying medical equipment. Three staff members restrained her until police arrived. Two patients were asked to come back later and the clinic carried on business as usual. Keiser is a frequent protester and has continued to cause problems over the past year.
Unborn babies deserve to be protected from the babykilling abortionists that would kill them.
Bishop T. D. Jakes supports babykilling pro-abort, pro-sodomites Barak Obama.
Mega Church pastor praises Obama nomination
    If you are interested in calling Bishop T. D. Jakes about his support for pro-abortion, pro-sodomite Barak Obama, his number is 1-800-Bishop2 or you can go his contact page
You can also contact TBN where the T. J. Jakes show is broadcast for a very small fee.
   Phone:  (714) 832-2950
or Online E-Mail: General Correspondence & Questions
Unborn babies deserve to be protected from the babykilling abortionists that would kill them.
Short vid "How I met Paul Hill"
Unborn babies deserve to be protected from the babykilling abortionists that would kill them.
No Punishment for Student on Pro-Abort Rampage
A student senate leader at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point who told pro-lifers they have no right to express their opinion on the volatile issue of abortion - while yanking a display of white crosses from the campus lawn and tossing them aside - will get no punishment from the campus political organization. "It's not your responsibility," Roderick King, a sophomore at the school and member of its student senate, shouted at activists who had assembled a display of white crosses in the campus lawn - with university permission.
Unborn babies deserve to be protected from the babykilling abortionists that would kill them.
For all you fans of James Kopp, AKA Atomic Dog, who, as Brother Chuck put it, popped and stopped a babykilling doc.
Spec writer's story of James Kopp published as book (I've been informed this is an evil work and somehow the writer believes babykiller Barnett Slepian did not deserve what he rightfully received.)
Sniper opens in October 1998 near Buffalo, NY. A man is alone in the dark in a forest. He clutches an assault rifle and is thinking about his mission.  He nestles the rifle to his shoulder and shoots at his target through the back window of a house and flees. Dr. Barnett Slepian is fatally wounded. He is an abortion provider. James Charles Kopp is ultimately convicted for the murder of Dr. Slepian, but is also identified as the prime suspect in four additional sniper attacks on physicians, three of them in Canada, including Dr. Hugh Short in Ancaster in 1995.
Unborn babies deserve to be protected from babykilling abortionists like Barnett Slepain.
The FBI is investigating some white paint on Planned Parenthood's windows as a hate crime. No wonder our country is in trouble. The FBI protecting the babykilling abortionists and the buildings they murder the babies in is despicable enough, but this. Why don't they call crimes against anti-abortionists hate crimes and investigate them? They would be too busy. The FBI needs to arrest God, since he HATES HANDS THAT SHED INNOCENT BLOOD.
Proverbs 6: [16] These six things doth the LORD hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him:
[17] A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood,

Video message about Planned Parenthood fire.
A Planned Parenthood Clinic Catches Fire - Newspaper story.
Heavy smoke and fire damaged the Planned Parenthood building on Biltmore Avenue on Sunday morning, according to Asheville Fire and Rescue Department officials. Firefighters were able to contain the fire in the room in which it started after arriving about 7 a.m. However, smoke did damage the rest of the structure.
Fire at Planned Parenthood abortion mill is deemed not arson, but not everyone is sure. This Planned Parenthood does not do surgical abortions, but does give out chemical abortion pills. Asheville Fire and Rescue Department officials say heavy smoke and fire damaged the abortion facility and that it damaged the structure. The Asheville-Buncombe Arson Task Force is currently investigating the cause of the fire, but the source of the fire indicates it could have been mechanical or caused by something else rather than foul play.
Unborn babies deserve to be protected from the babykilling abortionists.
Graphic Abortion Pamphlet 'Outrages' Neighbourhood
(Another baby murdered by a babykilling abortionist)
Some parents from Ryan Heights want to know who is responsible for delivering a grisly piece of mail to several homes in the neighbourhood. The glossy pamphlet, called "Life or Death," contains graphic, bloody images of aborted fetuses. It also has a picture of dead babies in a garbage bag. Paul Broughton, president of Life Cycle Books Ltd., said it would be difficult for him to determine who might have distributed the flyers here. The pamphlet, with periodic updates and reprints, has been around for 35 years. "It was first published in 1972, so there could be any number, perhaps up in the hundreds of possibilities of who could have distributed it there," he said. "I don't have that kind of sophisticated computer that will tell me who has purchased something and what they are going to do with it." Life Cycle publishes and distributes pamphlets such as "Life or Death" to groups, individuals, schools and churches, Broughton said.
Unborn babies deserve to be protected from the babykilling abortionists that would kill them.
Officer Sues Coast Guard for Forcing Vaccine Injection Derived from Aborted Baby
WASHINGTON, D.C., January 8, 2008 ( - The Alliance Defense Fund filed a lawsuit on January 2 on behalf of a Coast Guard officer who was refused an exception from injection with a Hepatitis A vaccine derived from an aborted child, even though the injection conflicts with the officer's Catholic beliefs.
The U.S. Coast Guard refused to grant Lt. Commander Joseph J. Healy an exception, even though it allows injection exemptions based on other religious beliefs. The injection, required by the Coast Guard in lieu of proof of immunity for Hepatitis A, uses cells taken from the lung tissue of a dissected child aborted at 14 weeks.
Unborn babies deserve to be protected from the babykilling abortionists.
Sergio Baca did the right thing. Sergio Baca did the right thing. What choice did Sergio Baca have but to protect his child from being murdered? None, Sergio Baca did what he had to do.
(If in fact Sergio Baca did burn the babykilling abortion milli, Sergio says he is innocent and I have no reason not to believe him.)
Youtube response to the arrest of Sergio Baca and Chad Altman for torching the babykilling abortion mill, Abortion Acceptance, allegedly owned and operated by babykilling abortionist Curtis Boyd.
This type of stuff happens a lot, maybe not to this degree, but assaults and threats by pro-choice babykillers is common. If one even looks cross-eyed at a babykilling abortionist, the FBI will swoop down and arrest the pro-lifer because the babykilling abortionist gets special protection.  When an anti-abortionist is attacked we seldom even get to make a report and even then that report is soon forgotten about.
Equal treatment under the law? Yeah, right.
Man, 69, gets bones broken counseling against abortions. Sidewalk adviser knocked unconscious, police let suspect flee
      When veteran pro-lifer Ed Snell was counseling women entering the Hillcrest Abortion Clinic in Harrisburg, Penn. from atop his car, he was thrown to the ground and seriously injured. He suffered internal hemorrhaging in his head, four compression fractures of vertebrae, a broken shoulder and two broken ribs. Doctors even feared he might die.
      Despite these injuries, a receptionist at the abortion clinic angrily responded: “He got what he deserved!” when asked for a statement.
      After the attack, the police arrived and although Mr. Snell was unconscious and being rushed to the hospital, they allowed his assailant to go free. A police officer then argued with and threatened to arrest Mr. Snell’s fellow pro-lifers, who asked them why the assailant was let free. So far the media has been silent about the incident.
Unborn babies deserve to be protected from the babykilling abortionists that would kill them.
This is quite a Christmas present, too bad both these babykilling abortion mills didn't burned to the ground with the babykilling abortionists inside.  In the Name of our LORD Jesus Christ, I pray these two saints are never identified or captured.
Two Christmas Fires at Planned Parenthood
ALBUQUERQUE -- Authorities are investigating a pair of suspicious incidents at two separate Albuquerque Planned Parenthood locations. Firefighters were called out early Christmas morning to Planned Parenthood's medical offices in the northeast part of the city. The roof was on fire, but crews were able to extinguish the flames in minutes. Fire officials have confirmed that some type of incendiary device was found on the roof. Hours earlier, authorities responded to another Planned Parenthood clinic to find that its windows had been broken. Authorities say damage at both clinics was minimal.
Unborn babies deserve to be protected from the babykilling abortionists.
Where are the pro-lifers screaming every life is sacred? The only time pro-lifers scream about every life being sacred is when a babykilling abortionist gets whacked. If it was ok for State Trooper Jay Hemphill  to shoot 4 bullets into mentally ill pro-lifer Aaron Synder killing him, why is it not ok to shoot dead a babykilling abortionist?
Mentally Ill Pro-Lifer Aaron Snyder shot dead by State Trooper Jay Hemphill. Seems like everyone but me thinks this was ok.

State Trooper Kills Mentally Ill Man Because He Had a Gun in His Pants Pocket

COLORADO -- State Trooper Jay Hemphill hustled the tuxedo-clad man from the governor's office as the man claimed to be the emperor and vowed to save the "unborn children" from the governor's office. Hemphill grabbed a pen and a notepad to show Aaron Snyder he was listening to his concerns. Minutes later, Snyder opened his tuxedo jacket to reveal a large gun in his right pants pocket, Hemphill told investigators. "No police are going to stop me," he said. Hemphill dropped the pen and pad. He drew his gun. He issued a loud command. "Stop or I'll kill you." Snyder did not stop, Hemphill told the investigators. He was about four feet away. The officer fired four shots. Snyder "fell backward to the marble floor of the Capitol just to the right of the door to the governor's office," according to the report of the shooting, issued Friday. "He was dead at the scene."

Denver DA Mitch Morrissey's full letter concluding the Capitol shooting investigation.
It includes detailed graphics, a multi-page timeline of the shooting, evidence photos and more.
(PDF - 71 pages)

Unborn babies deserve to be protected from the babykilling abortionists.
See When Officer Friendly comes a calling.
Police chief testifies against officer in abortion clinic scuffle
An attorney for a Des Plaines police officer is pushing for charges to be dismissed against his client, who’s accused of harassing anti-abortion protesters while off duty.
A city fire and police board is charged with deciding whether 11-year police officer Dick V. Lalowski should lose his job over the allegations from an incident last May outside a women’s clinic in Des Plaines. He is accused of launching into a verbally abusive tirade May 20 and jabbing one protester in the shoulder.
Unborn babies deserve to be protected from the babykilling abortionists.
James Kopp apologize to babykiller Barnett Slepian's widow.  I'm of a different opinion, I'm glad James Kopp put a bullet into Barnett Slepian's babykilling abortionist body to prevent him from murdering any more innocent children. James Kopp did the right thing.
Jury hears Kopp saying he killed Slepian
James C. Kopp, on trial in U.S. District Court, hears a stenographer read parts of a 2003 statement in which he admitted killing Dr. Barnett A. Slepian.
A day after they heard James C. Kopp apologize to the widow of the man he is accused of killing, federal court jurors heard Kopp's own words Wednesday that he shot Dr. Barnett A. Slepian.
Unborn babies deserve to be protected from the babykilling abortionists.
Abortions dropped after arson     Fire makes cost of insurance too high for clinic
Picture of this abortion mill going up in smoke.
Abortions dropped after arson   Fire makes cost of insurance too high for clinic
By Jennifer Latson  The Olympian
  When an arsonist torched their clinic nearly a year ago, Eastside Women’s Health Clinic owners Nancy Armstrong and Shelly Pacheco vowed not to let fear keep them from providing abortions.
  But when they reopen the clinic Monday, after a year working out of a double-wide trailer in the parking lot, there will be no more abortions.
  It wasn’t the arsonist who stopped them, but their insurance company.
  After the Jan. 9 fire, which burned through the roof of the building and destroyed much of the interior, the clinic’s insurance company canceled its coverage. Other insurers quoted them rates more than 10 times what they had been paying.
  “The insurance companies think, ‘Oh, you had an arson because you do abortions. We’re not going to insure you,’ ” Armstrong said. “Then the arsonist thinks, ‘Oh, it works.’ ”
  To get a rate they could afford, clinic owners had to agree not to perform abortions.
Unborn babies deserve to be protected from the babykilling abortionists.
American Red Cross Fires Employee for Refusal to Celebrate “Gay and Lesbian Pride Month”
SAN DIEGO( - A Christian employee working at the American Red Cross, after expressing his concerns to senior staff about an e-mail from the diversity office notifying him that June was “Gay and Lesbian Pride Month,” was fired from his job last month.
Concerned Women for America (CWFA) reported that Michael Hartman, who had worked at the Red Cross for eight months, received an e-mail in late May distributed by Chief Diversity Officer David Wilkins which declared, “It is my pleasure to announce that June will be recognized as Gay and Lesbian Pride Month at national headquarters . . .”
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Genesis 9:6
Whoso sheddeth man's blood, by man shall his blood be shed:
for in the image of God made he man.

Numbers 35:33 So ye shall not pollute the land wherein ye are:
for blood it defileth the land: and the land cannot be cleansed of the
blood that is shed therein, but by the blood of him that shed it.


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Another unborn baby murdererd by a babykilling abortionist