Clayton Waagner's Prophecy regarding Paul Hill

The only other time in my life that I had a "Thus Saith The Lord" was in 1976, while a baby Christian working for Pat Robertson and the 700 Club,  It was difficult for me to deliver this prophecy as it was given in a meeting with Pat and most of CBN's 600 employees.  I didn't really know what a prophecy was, nor did I understand the content of the message.  All I knew was that it was from God and I could not hold the words inside of my mouth.
Clay Waagner prophecy

Twenty-seven years later God has chosen now of all times to pass on His proclamation through my lips. I say now of all times because it is a terrible for me.  After four years of fighting against the murder of pre-born children with all that I possessed I had reached a point of quitting.  My frustration with the anti-abortion movement had reached an apex over the past few weeks and I had secretly decided to go through the motions in this next trial, but other than that, I was basically giving up the fight.  It seemed that few of you really cared and fewer still were willing to do anything at all to support my efforts.  I believed that as I could do little to nothing with out support on the outside, then I was justified to give up.  My rational was that it was not my fault that I was giving up the fight, but yours. As you read the prophecy you will see why the timing was bad for me. Like you, I have a choice: obey God or rebel.  I choose to obey.

I did not explicitly call Paul Hill to kill an abortionist, but his act to defend My children were consistent with my Revealed Word which commands all men to protect the innocent. 

My Revealed Word pricked Paul Hill's heart and and he allowed My Truth to permeate his will and actions.  He acted on instructions I have given to all men for many generations -- My Revealed Word.  Paul Hill's obedience counted greatly in his favor and this day he worships Me in Paradise.
Paul Hill

The heart of man is deceitful and wicked.  My true followers know this to be true.  My true followers do not trust their heart, but seek Me in all things.  They turn to Me for counsel and they follow My counsel.  Everything else is the result of a rebellious heart, which I will not allow in my presence.  I made this fully known to Paul Hill before he left his body and he was greatly comforted by the reality that he had been faithful in My Eyes.

The torch that Paul Hill carried will not die.  In the hearts of many nameless there now burns an amber glow that will soon become a full fire of obedience,  That fire will spread on My Wind and become a firestorm of destruction for the wicked.

There must be no revenge for Paul Hill's murder.  Those who knew Paul Hill are known.  You are known by Me and you are known by the enemies of My Justice. 

Those who I am raising up as warriors are not known.  You who are known must seek My Will within My Revealed Word,  Those who are known must fight for the innocent, but not with the weapons of man.  You must trust Me, not the desires of your heart.  Trust Me. 

My Justice will be served to those who murder My innocent children by the hands of warriors who are not known.  My Justice will come to the wicked and My Judgment on the wicked will be severe.


"Those who knew Paul Hill are known."  I believe this part means that those who are known as anti-abortion extremists are to take no direct action   that would be considered illegal.  This may be a bitter pill for some of you.  Some of you are no doubt thinking about an action, and some may even consider following Paul's courageous example by laying down your life for the pre-born.  Though I might think this is a great idea, God feels otherwise.  It seems He would rather you who are known do no illegal actions (man's law), but that you seek His will in His "Revealed Word".  (I feel confident this is the Bible.)  This does not mean that you are to do nothing.  This does not excuse you from the battle.  It only directs your role.

It also seems that God has started a spark in the hearts of "many nameless" ones not known.  These are to be the warriors who will issue out His Justice.  I believe the prophecy says that these warriors are now being called by God to do battle.  This call is an "amber glow that will soon become a full fire," so it might be that those who are known can help by fanning that fire.  As for myself, I know how I can work to that end and I shall do so.  I would suggest that you who are known search your hearts and "God's Revealed Word" for His will for you in this."

I firmly believe this message was a prophecy from God,  Those who would ridicule me can have your fun.  Those who believe it from God should seek Him and pray for those that He is calling into the battle.  Those warriors will need, your prayer support.

A firestorm of violence is going to press the abortion issue into the forefront of the collective American consciousness.  This war to protect the pre-born can be won, but it must be fought with total resolve, Those who are known anti-abortion extremist must not enter the battle as front line warriors, but must use great wisdom to find legal means to fan the flame that will cause the firestorm of God's Justice that the pre-born may be protected in this country.

Clayton Lee Waagner

Aborted Baby
Unborn baby killed

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Genesis 9:6
Whoso sheddeth man's blood, by man shall his blood be shed:for in the image of God made he man.

Numbers 35:33 So ye shall not pollute the land wherein ye are: for blood it defileth the land: and the land cannot be cleansed of the blood that is shed therein, but by the blood of him that shed it

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