Abortion: The Irrepressible Conflict
by Eric Rudolph
Chapter 6
Hour of Decision
Copyright 2008, Eric R. Rudolph
All rights reserved.
    To understand the significance of the abortion issue, it is important to view it within the big picture.  Five hundred hears ago the Western Christian culture exploded onto the world scene with a burst of energy unprecedented in history.  Ships set out from Europe to explore the world; empires were carved out; colonies were planted; new sciences and technologies revolutionized the human condition; great art, music and architecture were produced.  The world we know today is the result of that great eruption.  America is a colony of that creative act.
    But 250 years ago a spiritual crisis developed within the West called the Enlightenment.  Using reason and science as their guides, Enlightenment thinkers set out to reform society.  The Enlightenment was a noble effort in its initial classical liberal form.  But the ideas of reform ultimately evolved into open warfare against society itself.  These radical ideas first expressed themselves during the French Revolution.  And later in the mid-nineteenth century these ideas took definite form and organized a great revolution to bring down the entire Western Christian culture and replace it with a socialist utopia.  Modern liberal egalitarianism is an heir to this revolutionary tradition.  For over a century the revolution has inflicted grievous wounds on the West; the last and most vital wound being the Second World War, which gutted the heart of the West.  Not only has this revolutionary force inflicted severe internal damage on the West, many years ago it went out to the non-Western world and mobilized them against us (anti-colonialism, communism, anti-Westernism).  With the secrets of our science and technology now in their possession, the non-Western world has forged powerful weapons to use against us.  Weakened from within and threatened from without, the West is on the eve of destruction.
    Like Greece and Rome in ancient times the West has been a force of creative energy as well as a force for political stability in the world.  If we lose the power to maintain our position, there are no other responsible forces to take our place.  And just as happened after the collapse of the Roman Empire, if the West looses its grip, a good portion of the globe will slip into another Dark Age.  Petty politics will prevail.  Warlords and despots will club each other for more territory, more power, and more resources.  Ruthless mega-states like China will take what they want and leave diseases and starvation in their wake.  The significant difference between the Vandals and Huns of old and the barbarian powers of today is weaponry.  The barbarians of old were armed with swords and spears; the barbarians of today are armed with thermo-nuclear weapons.  During the last Dark Age the population of Europe shrunk by over one half.  The coming Dark Age will make the last one look like a paradise.  We must decide whether we want to leave that world as an inheritance for our children and grandchildren.
    Western Europe is probably a lost cause.  A pall of death hangs over Europe today.  Europeans may have the most advanced technology in the world, but they are a people who are spiritually dead.  The cause of this spiritual demise is egalitarianism, which has triumphed completely over the nations of Western Europe as the result of the Second World War.  If not for the protection of the U.S. military, Europe would have fell to the barbarians seventy years ago.  The land of Charlemagne is now a rest home society, devoted completely to making its patients as comfortable as possible for the long journey into the abyss.  Where Wallenstein, Pitt, and Napoleon once strode is now a pack of purple-haired socialist weaklings whining about their social welfare rights.  Where once upon a time Michelangelo transformed stone into the greatest art in history, is now a lunatic who uses his own feces to make sculptures.  Where Descartes created his Discourses on Method, is now the post-modernist (Michel Foucault) who is not even sure whether he exists.  Through seventy years of social engineering the conservative element in Europe has been reduced to a small minority, too small to affect the culture as a whole.
    Within the next fifty to a hundred years the nations of Western Europe will succumb to the reproductive increases of their alien Muslim populations.  After Christian Constantinople fell to the Ottoman Turks in 1453 AD, the great church Hagia Sophia was transformed into a mosque, symbolically ending 1,100 years of Christian civilization in the Near East.  In 2100 AD the Muslim calls to prayer will likewise echo from the spires of Notre Dame and Westminster Abbey.  It took Islam 800 years of war to finally breach the double walls of Constantinople.  But it will take the Muslims less than 100 years of procreation to take all of Western Europe.  Europe is finished, used up, it died of a theory.
    America will likely suffer the same fate as Europe.  But unlike Western Europe, America still has a sizable conservative opposition.  They are the last obstacle in the way of the culture killing egalitarians.  The social conservatives of the American Heartland are the last remnant of the Western Culture.  When they go, the Western Culture goes.   Islam will swallow Europe; and if the American conservatives ultimately go down in defeat, the primitive Mestizo cultures of South America will swallow North America.  Abortion is the most important issue of the day, maybe the most important issue in Western history, because it will determine whether this conservative remnant regains control over America or slips into oblivion.
    There is no earthly paradise on the other side of an egalitarian triumph.  There is no such thing as the classless society, or the dictatorship of the proletariat.  If the egalitarians are ultimately victorious over their conservative opponents in America, it is the victory of disease over health.  Egalitarianism is a cultural-spiritual disease.  Like Buddhism, it is a death wish.  It is a revolution to attain the unattainable.  Justifying the egalitarians long record of destruction, Earl Browder, leader of the Communist Party United States of America, once said, “You have to break a few eggs to make an omelet.”  Orson Welles famously asked Browder, “Where’s the omelet?”  Browder’s only answer was to point to Stalin’s odious Soviet Union as the model society.  There is no omelet.  Egalitarianism is built on faulty assumptions about human nature and history.  It has sought to make angels out of men and build a perfect society in an imperfect world.  Everywhere the egalitarians have triumphed they have left many mass graves (broken eggs), but not one utopia (omelet).
    There is no future for Economic Man either. In his book The End of History Fukuyama said capitalism and social democracy were the final economic and political forms in history. Mankind has finally discovered utopia in the Chicago suburb, Fukuyama said. What hubris. If egalitarianism is a culture disease, then Economic Man is a grazing scheme for fat cows. To survive, higher cultures must cultivate lions not cows. Economic Man shows clearly that the Establishment has no great ideas. It is spiritually bankrupt. What distinguishes a high culture from a low one are great ideas. Great ideas inspire great men to gather together the generations in order to actualize these ideas. Each recruit adds a stone to the great structure of civilization. Some stones are big others small, some bright others dull, some profound other obtuse -  each carries a unique mark and is the individual's contribution to the idea. The Crusades and Gothic, the Reformation and Nationalism, Scholasticism and Cartesianism, counter point and oil painting, exploration and colonialism, industrialism and empire, American independence and Manifest Destiny - these are just some of the great ideas of our own Western Culture. But the idea of each Economic Man piling up enough wealth to ensconce himself in a lifestyle of ease and comfort is petty. So in a sense Fukuyama is right: Economic Man is the end of history, it is the end of higher history. Economic Man is the death of high culture and great ideas and a return to the static sameness of primitive culture and petty ideas.
    Why is abortion more important than other issues?  Because it is the issue that is most likely to produce a showdown between the social conservative remnant in America and the egalitarian Establishment.  Here is why:  First, the two positions on abortion-pro-abortion and pro-life-are irreconcilable.  Egalitarians hold that abortion is a necessary tool women need to free themselves from centuries of patriarchal oppression.  Abortion is therefore a core human right to them.  On the other side, conservatives believe that abortion is rank murder.  There is no room for compromise here.  The two sides can’t simply “agree to disagree.”  Such divergent belief systems start from very different foundations and spill over into every corner of society.  If the egalitarians are allowed to ultimately prevail, conservatives will be left in the position of recognizing a government that has enshrined mass murder as a sacred right, rendering the moral authority of the government without foundation.  If conservatives are allowed to overturn Roe, then the entire egalitarian experiment of the last seventy years is in jeopardy.  The egalitarians will not allow this without a fight.  And ultimately they will not feel safe in the presence of a large, powerful minority that believes their government is practicing mass murder.  The possibility will always be there that these conservatives might act to end this murder, thus jeopardizing the entire liberal regime itself.  America cannot contain the pro-abortion and pro-life positions under one constitutional roof.  We are in the same position today over abortion as our great grandfathers were in the 1850s over slavery.  The country will either be all one thing, or all the other.  There is no room for both.
    At the very least, conservatives must be rendered into a harmless minority, a sect at the margins of society.  The Establishment has set everything in motion to make this a reality.  Conservatives have been pushed out of the public schools, the universities, the mass media.  The churches are now expected to push conservative opinion on abortion and homosexuality out of the sermon.  Self-help guru Joel Osteen is now the model for preachers to follow.  And the political parties have been trying for twenty years to push the social conservative movement out of the political process.  By nominating John McCain, the Republican Party hopes to finally accomplish this in 2008.
     The conservative has no friends in Washington, D.C.  The Republican Party is, and has been, the mouthpiece for Economic Man.  To keep the liberals from taking too much of their money, Economic Man has sought allies among social conservatives.  In return for conservative votes on Election Day, the Republican Party has agreed to have its presidents say “God Bless America” after every speech-that’s it.  The Republican Party understands the parameters of acceptable thought.  Opposing the egalitarians an economic policies and taxation is one thing, but to challenge them on major social issues would put them at direct variance with the 1933 Regime.  That, they will not do.
    Second, abortion is important because it gathers in the largest number of actual conservatives.  One of the reasons the 1933 Regime was so successful was their use of the Popular Front, a coalition of the Left.  The Right has failed because it has split into issue-based factions.  In the late 1930’s, conservatives split over whether America should intervene in the war in Europe.  In the 1950s they split over whether to pursue the communists within the U.S. government.  Then they split over civil rights.  Today, some conservatives are “internationalist,” other are “isolationist.”  Some are obsessed with the income tax, others couldn’t care less.  There are “big government” conservatives and “small government” conservatives.  On each issue, conservatives were content to allow the Left to dominate the system rather than ally themselves with conservatives who held the other positions.  But abortion captures the widest spectrum on the Right, and really is the litmus test of actual conservatism today.  Why is abortion a litmus test?  Because unlike these other issues above, abortion is identity-based, not issue-based.  If you don’t believe that abortion is murder, then you don’t share the basic Western Christian ethic, which is the essential part of the American culture identity.  No matter what you may be calling yourself today-“libertarian conservative,” “fiscal conservative”-if you do not oppose abortion on moral grounds, you are not an American conservative.
    Third, abortion gives conservatives the moral high ground.  For 150 years the egalitarians have posed as the torchbearers for reason and tolerance, fighting against the conservative oppressors of the poor, the downtrodden, the alien.  When they were outsiders throwing stones at a conservative establishment, they were able to use the moral pose to great effect.  Egalitarians garnered tremendous support from the masses selling themselves as the Tribunes of the people.  But after they took power, they showed their true color-blood red.  Behind their gaudy catchwords was revealed a mass grave.  During the 1790s the Jacobins murdered hundreds of thousands of people in France.  The Bolsheviks killed over 20 million in Russia.  Mao did better, putting over 30 million Chinese in the pit.  Pol Pot slaughtered about 2 million Cambodians in less than three years.  And the 1933 Regime has murdered over 50 million unborn children in America.  All of these murderous regimes share the same motive-equality.
    On the issues of Christian exclusivity, and homosexuality egalitarians throw the usual stones at social conservatives, calling them “intolerant bigots.”  But when the people are made to stare into the mass grave of abortion, all the familiar catchwords, the moral poses fall apart.  Once you pull the camouflaging off the liberal personhood defense of abortion, they are left as naked child murderers before the people.  This is what happened with the Partial Birth Abortion Ban.  Since 1973 well over 200,000 children had been murdered using this grisly method.  For twenty-five years the liberals did a good job concealing the Partial Birth Abortion pit.  When the people were finally shown the procedure, they were horrified and called for a ban.  That the Republican politicians betrayed this support by passing a meaningless ban is irrelevant.  The popular support was there.  All that is needed is courageous leaders to use it properly.
    Fourth and last, conservatives will not let abortion go.  On every other issue in the past seventy years conservatives have either fragmented into ineffectiveness, or they gave up after a brief skirmish.  Egalitarians seized the federal government in 1933, so conservatives retreated into states rights and limited government.  When the media was bought up and monopolized into the mouthpiece for the new regime, conservatives went to radio, books, pamphlets, and now second-rate cable shows.  They stormed the public schools, so conservatives moved to the suburbs and sent their kids to private schools.  And on and on, it has been one long retreat.
    Abortion is different.  Egalitarianism is an idea at war with life, and it was only a matter of time before the 1933 regime opened up some mass graves.  The Jacobins used a guillotine, the Bolsheviks used a small caliber pistol, and the 1933 Regime used a vacuum aspirator.  Conservatives finally got a glimpse of the pit.  Their worldview says abortion is murder.  Giving up on abortion means giving up their worldview.  Conservatives realized that beyond Roe v Wade there were no more hills to retreat to.  So they decided to stake their flag on the hill of abortion.  If they relent on abortion, they will be swept into the dustbin of history.
     Thus abortion has set the stage for an existential confrontation.  It’s the same conflict as seventy years ago; it has just come to a head.  The larger conflict revolves around this existential question:  Is the American nation, as conservatives contend, the creation of the Western European Christian identity, and should its laws reflect the values of this culture identity exclusively, or is the American nation a culturally neutral egalitarian “experiment” based on the concepts of the Enlightenment?  Abortion is the issue that places these diametrically opposed worldviews on opposite sides of a huge chasm, a chasm that classical liberal constitutionalism cannot bridge.  The fate of the Western Culture depends upon how conservatives ultimately respond to this question.
    So what are conservatives to do?  To listen to some prominent conservatives, not much.  Taking issue with those pro-lifers who see the abortion issue as similar to the slavery issue of the nineteenth century, historian and author Marvin Olasky says that the pro-life movement shouldn’t use the abolitionist model.  They shouldn’t seek a confrontation with the child murderers.  And pro-lifers should never look to John Brown’s example.  Instead, the pro-life movement should use the Containment Strategy that America used during the Cold War to corral the communist advance.  Eventually the abortion regime will collapse like communism.  The pro-life message will win over the majority of Americans, just as free market capitalism won over the non-Western world, says Olasky.  National Review writer Ramesh Ponnuru believes in the same pipe dream.  In his last interview with socialist CNN reporter Christiane Amanpour, Jerry Falwell sounded the same swan song.  Falwell believed that the social conservative movement he got rolling in the 1970s had reached its zenith.  They helped elect three presidents, several senators, and congressmen.  They got a few conservative judges on the big bench.  But all they have to show for it is the meaningless Partial Birth Abortion Ban.  If abortion is to end, said Falwell, it will take a “long, fifty years incremental approach.”  Again, pro-lifers should never confront the child murderers; they should “concentrate on the soft-sell.”1
    All of these men are intelligent.  Being intelligent, they know that the chances for success using their containment approach is about nil.  “Let’s go quietly into that good night,” they are saying.  Containment is a strategy based on a position of strength.  Social conservatives in America are now in a position of weakness.  Last time I checked, abortion-on-demand was legal in every state in the Union, and has been legal for thirty years now.  Over 1.5 million unborn children are murdered in this country every year.  Where exactly are conservatives containing abortion?  They can’t even contain abortion in South Dakota.  Just what exactly are pro-lifers supposed to contain?  Themselves, perhaps?  Pro-lifers are the ones being contained.  The power of their movement grows weaker every year.  Unless an alternative conservative Hollywood is set up in the next ten years, and unless that alternative Hollywood seats as large an audience as the leftist Hollywood, their will be no conservatives left in fifty years to contain anything.  They will have contained themselves right out of existence.
    The “containment strategy” and the “soft-sell” are poor excuses for an effective strategy.  Rather than confront the child murderers directly, our conservative leaders offer pusillanimous strategies for retreat.  Nothing demonstrates this more clearly than the charade of the “personhood debate.”  As a prominent conservative once put it, “Those of us who are pro-life share the same core values as our pro-choice opponents.  Both sides agree that it is wrong to kill innocent persons.  The only thing we disagree on is whether the fetus is a person.  Prolifers believe that the fetus is a person; pro-choicers do not.  The purpose of the pro-life movement is to convince our opponents that the fetus is a person.”  This is the personhood debate.  It is a lie and the person who said this knows it to be a lie.
    The people who gave us abortion-on-demand invented the personhood debate.  Blackmun used it in his Roe decision when he denied that the fetus was a person in the constitutional sense.  Planned Parenthood and NOW deny the personhood of the fetus when it suits their purpose.  But the people who sustain the pro-abortion lobby in their personhood argument are none other than pro-life social conservative leaders.  Why would they do this?  Because if social conservative leaders acknowledged their opponents true position on abortion they would be forced to make decisions that they don’t have the courage to make.
    Here are the facts: The egalitarians who worked so hard to legalize abortion-on-demand and those who now maintain it believe that the fetus is a person.  They don’t care.  To them abortion is a tool that a woman needs to achieve equality in a sexist society.  The life of the unborn child is nothing next to that.  Let me again quote Naomi Wolf.  Burn her words into your brain: “Abortion should be legal; it is sometimes even necessary.  Sometimes the mother must be able to decide that the fetus, in its full humanity, must die.”2
    Naomi Wolf is one of the leading ideologues on the Left in this country.  You may have seen her face on television recently as she made her way around the news and talk show circuit touting her new book, The End of America.  Nor is Naomi Wolf alone in this opinion.  As I’ve shown clearly in this book, Judith Jarvis Thomson, Catherine MacKinnon, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Sally Markowitz, and Lawrence Tribe hold the same opinion.  All believe that a woman has the sacred right to an abortion even if the child she aborts is a human being.  These individuals constitute the intellectual core of the pro-abortion Establishment.  They are the doctors of pro-choice theology.
    By every standard that pro-life social conservative leaders claim to represent these pro-abortion ideologues are the supporters of mass murder.  They are sociopaths and criminals.  Can social conservatives “share core values” with people who unabashedly support the mass murder of children?  Can they “agree to disagree” with sociopaths?  Can they acknowledge criminals as having a legitimate position in any debate?  By every standard that these social conservative leaders claim to represent the answer to these questions is :no.  But answering these questions honestly opens up a course of action that these leaders don’t have the courage to take, so they force the personhood defense of abortion into the mouths of their opponents.  They sustain the “pro-choice” position and perpetuate this farcical “personhood debate” to hide their own cowardice.
    Just when you think it can’t get any worse, something else comes along.  A few months ago, televangelist Pat Robertson announced his endorsement of Rudy Giuliani for president in 2008.  As I’ve noted earlier, the Republican Party has been trying to remove the social conservative label from their party for decades.  They believe their relationship with social conservatives has hurt their image and hurt their ability to win elections.  “We must move to the center,” they say.  We “must oppose the agents of intolerance and division (Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell),” said John McCain, during the 2000 South Carolina primary.  More than any other candidate the Republican Party has fielded in the past twenty-five years Rudy Giuliani represents this effort to rid the party of an overtly social conservative message.  Pat Robertson has anointed himself the leader of social conservatives in America, and has committed himself to making sure that social conservatives continue to have a voice within the Republican Party.  Yet he reverses everything he has claimed to stand for and endorses the pro-abortion Giuliani.  “It’s over,” Robertson is telling social conservatives.  “We have tried and failed.”
    The egalitarians are hell bent on exterminating their entire culture and all of these conservative leaders counsel retreat. I think if you look a little closer you will see that their activism was always conditional. Behind their conservative exterior they are really Economic Men. The comfortable lifestyle that the 1933 Regime gives them is more important than the lives of millions of unborn children. They fawn at the Feet of Mammon and pretend it is to Christ that they are bowing. They love the seats offered to them in the Republican Party, even though they are now in the back row. The Establishment has murdered their children and dragged their religion through the mud, and they won't lift a finger against them. The Establishment has turned their daughters into whores and their sons into ebonics - speaking idiots, and they turn the other cheek. The egalitarians have gutted their culture from top to bottom, and their only real plan of action has been to wait on Jesus to come rapture them.
    If timid leaders are not enough to sink American conservatives, debilitating ideas just might do the trick.  These ideas cannot be blamed on the Establishment media, for they are self-inflicted.  Probably the most damaging idea is millenarianism.  Often when individuals or groups are faced with extinction they retreat into a fantasy world.  The real world becomes too difficult for them to face, so they invent an alternate reality that is friendlier.  Millenarianism is such an invention.
    A good example of millenarianism is the Ghost Dance of the American Indian.  For centuries the Lakota, Cheyenne, and Arapahoe lived on the Northern Plains.  But by the 1880’s the westward expansion of European settlement made their lifestyle untenable.  Red Cloud, Crazy Horse, and Sitting Bull had fought to halt the advance, but ultimately they succumbed to superior numbers and firepower.  On top of that, buffalo hunters equipped with modern rifles had decimated the once vast herds that their lifestyle depended on.  Finally, the U.S. government ordered them onto reservations, where they were expected to quit their hunter-gatherer ways and become farmers.  Assimilate or die-that was the choice given them.
    Their world was coming to an end.  Reality was against the Plains Indians, so many retreated into millenarianism.  Holy men started to prophesy that all the warriors that had ever died in battle would rise from their graves and join the living warriors in a host.  And wearing special shirts (Ghost Shirts) that were impervious to the white man’s bullets the mighty host of warriors would defeat the blue soldiers in battle, driving the white man forever from the land.  Then the buffalo would miraculously return and the Indians would live happily ever after.  So went the Ghost Dance prophecy.
    Originating with the Paiute Indians of Nevada, the Ghost Dance spread to reservations across the Great Plains.  Ghost Dancers gathered in their sacred shirts and danced and prayed for the return of the warriors and the buffalo.  But the warriors and buffalo never came.  And at Wounded Knee (1890) the U.S. Calvary provided a bloody demonstration that the Ghost Shirt was not impervious to the white man’s bullets.  Thus the Plains Indians were swept into history.
    The West also has a long tradition of millenarianism.  At every crisis the Ghost Dancers emerge.  During the early Gothic Period disease and chaos were rampant.  Muslim armies coming up through Spain threatened to wipe out Christendom.  Some men like Charles Martel decided to do something about it.  He fought and defeated the Muslim armies at the Battle of Tours (732), saving Western Civilization.  Other men were certain that the end of the world was near.  The Muslim armies, the diseases, the chaos were “signs.”  In the thousands, some of Europe’s best brains retreated into monasteries to await Doomsday.
    In 1346 the Black Death descended on Europe, killing almost half of the population.  Many people saw the disease as a punishment from God, one of the plagues of Revelations.  So they abandoned their families, shaved their heads, donned sackcloth, and went about Europe flagellating themselves with whips-all in preparation for the end of the world.  Other people like Guy de Chauliac observed the symptoms of the disease and tracked its spread.  They finally figured out that after the initial impact, the folks that were left alive acquired immunity and the plague moved on to fresher populations.  And the best way to combat it was to quarantine the sick people and wait for it to leave.  The Black Death returned to Europe many years later, but with the knowledge learned from the first plague the disease killed far fewer people.  The flagellants, on the other hand, only managed to peel several layers of skin off their backs.
    Too many conservatives today spend an inordinate amount of time gazing at the sky.  There are ministries, magazines, books, and radio shows devoted entirely to end times prophecy.  Every hurricane and war is a sign that the end is near.  Every political event, especially having to do with the state of Israel, is seen as somehow fulfilling the book of Revelations.  Every contemporary politician is examined closely to see if he is the Anti-Christ.  And every ten years or so Hal Lindsey sets another date for the Battle of Armageddon.  Half the Protestants in America have already packed their bags expecting to be Raptured at any minute.  Meanwhile, the Marxists have devoured our country from stem to stern.
    I have no idea when Jesus will return, and neither does Hal Lindsey.  But I do know that if conservatives don't act within the next thirty to fifty years the highest probability says they will go the way of the Christians in the Near East 600 years ago-extinction.  To meet the challenges we face today I choose the example of Charles Martel rather than those who fled to the monasteries to wait on the end of the world.
    So what is the solution? There can be no solution when you refuse to acknowledge the problem. All attempts to persuade you to acknowledge the problem have failed. For seventy years you have participated in a system in which you have no stake. You have voted for politicians who cannot deliver, even if they had wanted to. You have tried to pass laws that will not stick. You have raised protests that are ignored. Rebuffed at every turn, you have opted to slow down the Marxist juggernaut long enough for you to make it through your own life. And as a result, you are leaving your children and grandchildren a country that will resemble a Third World Marxist hellhole in fifty years time.
    But there is hope, and his name is Barack Obama. Unlike any president before him, Obama has touched a cord in the American Heartland. You fear and distrust him. Already I hear the sound of culture-identity disjunction. You are saying Obama is a "Nazi," a "Muslim," a "Marxist." Some of you are even suggesting that he is the "Anti-Christ." With overwhelming Marxist majorities in Congress, with a mounting economic crisis, with a possible foreign policy crisis looming over the horizon - your fear and distrust will grow.
    Like Oprah Winfrey, I too believe Barack Obama might be the "One." He might be the one who finally forces you to acknowledge that this country is no longer yours. It belongs to the Marxist politicians, the abortionist, the pornographer, the homosexual, the feminist college professor, the activist liberal judge, the ACLU lawyer, the New York Times editor, the atheist Hollywood filmmaker, the left-wing social activist, the bi-sexual movie star, the hip-hop gangsta rapper, the brainwashed masses who gathered for the Inauguration ceremony on Washington Mall, January 20, 2009 to worship at the feet of their Marxist Messiah. And the new owners will not tolerate your presence in their America. They intend to wipe you off the planet and co-opt your children as their own. Educated in their value system, your grandchildren will forget that you had ever existed. That's the future. Only you can change it.
    If you were expecting me to resort to prophecy or elaborate conspiracy theories in this book, you were mistaken.  It’s pretty conventional stuff.  Cultural dispossession happens all the time in history.  The egalitarians have stolen your country, and if you want it back, you will have to take it back.  Our situation is not as hopeless as the one facing the Plains Indians in the 1800s.  There is no reason to start Ghost Dancing, yet.  This is the hour of decision.  You can live according to the standards you claim to represent, or you can die a coward.  Abortion is the issue that will finally decide your fate, for if you give in on abortion, you might as well go in search of property in Idaho.
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 History of Abortion
Chapter 2 Roe v. Wade
Chapter 3 The Debate
Chapter 4 Mass Man
Chapter 5 The Media
Chapter 6 Hour of Decision
Chapter 6 References
1. CNN, "God’s Warriors,"
2. Naomi Wolf,  Our Bodies, Our Souls
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