Pastor Matt Trewhella

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Below is a letter that our church has sent to Christian Bookstores all across Wisconsin.   I believe it's time
to take Christian Bookstore owners to task.  Most Christian Bookstore owners will sell anything on their
shelves as long as it puts money in their pockets, regardless of what it does to people theologically.  But
now we're about to see the Word of God itself distorted for political/cultural/theological correctness via
the TNIV and I believe we must draw the line here.

 Feel free to use the letter as a template to contact bookstores in your area.  Also, if you know of a
bookstore you think we might have missed, pleased send us their name and address.  We will be
sending a letter of commendation to those stores which don't sell the TNIV and we will be protesting
outside those who do.  This "translation" needs to be shamed.  I encourage you to take time to study
the website mentioned in the letter. Pastor Matt Trewhella p.s.  I have three sermons available which
address Christian Feminist Theology.
They are:

Taking the TNIV to Task
Promisekeepers: A Movement from Hell, and
A Refutation of the Debased Theology of a Monstrous Regiment of Christian Feminists
They are on cassette tape and cost four dollars a piece or all three for ten dollars.You can also
visit our church website at forward this to all on your e-mail list)
Dear Christian Bookstore Owner,

All praise and honor be unto our Savior and King, Jesus Christ!

I am writing in regards to the Todayís New International Version (TNIV) Bible.
By now you have probably heard of the controversy regarding this "translation."
In truth, the book was written with a political/cultural/theological agenda. It is a
gender-neutral translation which removes the original language used by the biblical
authors and distorts the Word of God.

It is important to note that dozens of Bible scholars have signed a declaration stating
that the TNIV is not worthy of use by the Church of Jesus Christ. They will not
endorse it nor will they commend it to the Church because of the way it distorts
the Word of God. There is a website where you can read and do your own
research as to what these scholars have to say about the TNIV.

The website is

Bad theology is a large enough problem in American Christianity, but this is an
attack upon and a distortion of Godís Word itself. Therefore, our congregation
has met and is concerned about whether or not you intend to peddle this book
at your store. We would greatly appreciate your letting us know if you intend to
sell it or not, or any thoughts you have regarding this grave matter. We have
included a self-addressed stamped envelope for your convenience.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Separated unto the Gospel,

Pastor Matt Trewhella



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