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October 2017,  Vol. 15   No. 7
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Editor, John Dunkle

  “Contraception” is Murder, a weak, pathetic response to legal murder, is sent out at least once a month.  If the gestapo hasn’t jailed you yet for defending the innocent realistically, you either have to tell me you want it or go to the website.  Email is free, but snail-mail is free only for the PFCs.  Five grand for others.

  Because I believe we should examine every legitimate means, including force, in our attempt to protect innocent people from being tortured to death, I want to hear from folks who’ve been forceful and from those who defend them. I’d also like to hear from those who oppose the prolife use of force and call it violence.

Prisoners  For  Christ: 

1.          Dear, Robert Lewis,   CMHIP, 1600 W. 24th St., Pueblo, CO 81003
2.          Griffin, Michael 310249, BRCF, 5914 Jeff Atles Rd., Milton, FL 32583-00000
3.          Hanson, Christopher 28105-045,  FCC (Low), PO Box 9000-Low, Forest City, AR 72336
4.          Holt, Gregory 129616   Varner Supermax, PO Box 600, Grady, AR 71644-0600  
5.          Klundt, Zachary  Inmate, Flathead County Detention Center, 920 South Main St., Kalispell MT 59901

7.          Lang, Ralph 00605356, Wisconsin Resource Center,
P.O. Box 233, Black River Falls, WI 54615-0233
8.          Roeder, Scott 65192,  ECF, PO Box 107,  Ellsworth, KS 67439  (new)
9.          Rogers, Bobby Joe 21292-017,  USP Tucson, PO Box 24550, Tucson, AZ 85734
10.        Rudolph, Eric 18282-058,  US Pen. Max,  Box 8500, Florence  CO 81226-8500
11         Shannon, Rachelle 59755-065, FCI Waseca, Unit A,  P.O. Box 1731, Waseca, MN 56093
12.        Stout, Jedidiah 2891752, Greene County Justice Center, 1000 N Boonville, Springfield, MO 65802  
13.        Waagner, Clayton Lee 17258-039, USP, P.O. Box 1000, Lewisburg  PA 17837  

     Pay attention here to Cathy Ramey:

Hi John,  So I called F.C.I. Beckley to ask why Jim's mail is being sent back.

  The officer I spoke with said the facility no longer allows inmates to receive "cards" since this "has become a security issue." If an envelope even looks like it contains some sort of greeting card, they don't even open it; they just send it back as "unauthorized."

  I plan to call the Federal Bureau of Prisons administrative office to discuss this further. I do believe this goes beyond what is reasonable and is just another way of punishing inmates under color of law.  Surely they can distinguish between a simple card and one that has additional "secret stuff" added to its content; don't they have the dogs or technology used at the Post Office to evaluate these things? Guess not. It all adds costs to maintaining the general security of the institution.

  I talked to my brother who just retired from Corrections. He said there is an epidemic of some type of drug, not "tar heroin," that can be spread so thin it can be sent in within the thickened paper of cards. It is becoming "epidemic."  He said it may end up that all prisons will gradually adopt the same policy.

  So the end of the matter is that letters should be sent in simple envelopes, sans cards, no glitter or other topical added.

  Perhaps it could be noted for newsletter recipients.

Blessings of the LORD to you, John.     Cathy

This, your forty-first contribution, will go into the October newsletter.  If I were wealthy, you'd be living in a mansion.

Here’s how the second paragraph in the newsletter ends: “I’d also like to hear from those who oppose the prolife use of force and call it violence.”  Even though the great majority of prolifers oppose the use of force, few have responded.  So I‘m grateful that a week or so ago John Jansen did:

Dear John, Thanks for sending your newsletter.  Since you asked to hear from pro-lifers who oppose the use of violence, I would recommend that you watch this short video that we released after the arrest of Robert Dear in 2015:

Clearly, as our director Eric Scheidler states, we unequivocally condemn the use of violence.

Yours for Life,  John Jansen, Project Coordinator
Pro-Life Action League

  I just watched the video. In it Joe Scheidler’s son Eric explains why the Pro-Life Action League opposes the use of force. I tried to jot down the points Eric made, but he was too fast for me and I missed most.  Someone smarter than I am will have to do that.
  I do, however, have with me something, probably in the same vein, that Joe Schleider wrote several years ago, and I did respond to it.  Here it is:

  The hundred-page booklet Kathy distributed today, “Sharing the Pro-Life Message,” came from Joe Scheidler’s Pro-Life Action League.  It’s packed with information and you can learn a lot from it if you’re new to the movement.

  However, I disagree with p. 44.

  Before I say why let me tell you a little about Joe.   Joe was one of the most recognizable pro-lifers in the country during the 70’s and 80’s, right up there with Jack Wilke, Mildred Jefferson, Nellie Grey, Rev. Michael Bray, and Randall Terry.
  Randall would organize “rescues,” which shut mills forcibly, and 6’6” Joe would show up in an overcoat, fedora, carrying a cane.  In the media and among both pro-deathers and pro-lifers, he always became the focus of the event.

  However, Joe never joined us.  We stopped at his home in Chicago for lunch once on our way out to rescue in North Dakota and he told us that even the thought of jail made him sick.  Nevertheless, he was a valuable participant; for one thing his very presence drove the pro-deathers bananas.

  But his physiological aversion to the use of force must partly accounts for what he writes on this page.  It appears in the section where Joe lists and demolishes all the arguments “pro-choicers” use to justify murder:    

  Pro-death argument: Abortion opponents are violent-they shoot abortionists and attack women!

  Joe’s response: Despite some highly publicized cases, violence perpetrated by abortion opponents is extremely rare.  All major pro-life organizations have official policies condemning the use of violence, and no cases of violence directed at abortion-bound women by pro-life activists have ever been substantiated despite the rhetoric from some abortion advocates.

  The few individuals who have committed acts of violence against abortion clinic personnel or property were not part of the mainstream pro-movement, and in some cases have even admitted they were more motivated by a desire for fame than concern for the plight of unborn children.
  In fact, there have been more reported acts of violence perpetrated against pro-lifers than committed by them. Just as it would be unfair to characterize all pro-choice people as violent because of a few criminals, it is unfair to say that pro-lifers are violent because of a few fringe figures.

  On the contrary, pro-life activism demands singular patience and peacefulness, which is why the pro-life movement is, in fact, the most peaceful protest movement in U.S. history.

  Now I’ll go through this to show why I disagree.

  Despite some highly publicized cases, violence perpetrated by abortion opponents is extremely rare. 

  Joe loses it here in his first sentence when he uses pro-death language by calling force “violence.”  Violence is killing an innocent person.  Violence is not defending her forcefully!  If someone were coming to kill you, would you pull out your rosary to pray that he have a change of heart?
  The only way to stop an attacker is forcefully.  What we prolifers are actually praying for in this war, whether we know it or not, is that people will have the courage to be forceful.  Jesus ain’t comin’ back  - been here, done that; and the miniscule number who have stopped abortionists in their tracks are either dead or in jail.

  And yes it is extremely rare. The serial killers count on it.

  All major pro-life organizations have official policies condemning the use of violence . . .

  That’s probably true but all major pro-life organizations receive donations, much of which go for expenses.  I counted eleven on Joe’s payroll.  These organizations are not going to jeopardize employees’ salaries, and even their own existences, by supporting or ignoring the prolife use of force.  Rather, they are going to play it safe by attacking it as the media, other killers’ helpers, and their contributors do.

  The few individuals who have committed acts of violence against abortion clinic personnel or property were not part of the mainstream pro-life movement . . .

  One or two were but they left when they got tired of the mainstream pro-life movement’s twenty, thirty, forty years of failure. They decided there had to be a better way. 

  . . . and in some cases have even admitted they were more motivated by a desire for fame than concern for the plight of unborn children.

  I never heard that before!  It’s a hurtful thing for Joe to say, and in not naming the “cases” he colors everyone ever incarcerated for pro-life activity.  And look at Joe!  Someone could easily say the same thing about him!

  Just as it would be unfair to characterize all pro-choice people as violent because of a few criminals . . .

  All “pro-choice” people are violent.  If you support violence, you’re violent.

  On the contrary, pro-life activism demands singular patience and peacefulness, which is why the pro-life movement is, in fact, the most peaceful protest movement in U.S. history.

  Yes, and it’s also why it’s the most ineffective. 

  Look, there are dozens of kinds of prolifers. Some will include in their prayers the million plus people being murdered every year in our country; some might very reluctantly vote for a pro-deather; some will never vote for one; some will start or join or just contribute to big or small prolife organizations; some will pray at the mills; some will try to persuade women there to save their babies; some will argue the prolife position in the media; a few will deface or damage the mills; a very few will forcefully stop the serial killer, and sometimes the killer’s helpers; and some will engage in several of the above or in a hundred other prolife activities, most legal, a few illegal. 
  But one thing we should not do is what Joe does on page 44.  It’s that “my way or the highway stuff” and it’s the major reason this holocaust is still with us after forty-four years whereas the previous one ended after four.
  Someone said that every German citizen who supported his government then went to hell.  What does that say about us?  If we’re paying our taxes, we’re supporting our government. Like me.
  I’ll bet most of the criticism I level above  could be leveled about Eric’s talk, but I’m not sure.  I wrote my disagreements with Joe in 2014 and I see several  mistakes.  For one thing, I’ve since read that Joe did indeed participate in rescues.

  I hope that John Jansen or someone else over there in the Pro-Life Action League (or anyone really) points out other mistakes, and/or disagrees in other ways.

I stuck this in September’s email: “Just managed to get out September before October.  Gettin' ol'.  Don't expect to be bothered too much longer.”
I got many responses.  Check out bobbyBIBLESTEIN’S, “SAY WHAT ??????? WHAT TALKING ABOUT MAN         SPEAK UP LOUD AND CLEAR   LOVE 1ST JOHN 3:18 bob”
I hope I was exaggerating.

  Operation Retreat Condemns-
                             by Tobra  

Dandy: Robert Engle for subduing the Antioch church killer and the Antioch church members who hid under pews and played dead. Sharing the love of Jesus, holding dead folks signs, reading the Bible and having church services are the only way to stop killers.

Howard: Those Antioch church members are infidels. They could have sacrificed their lives or atleast their incomes buying dead folks signs and other prolife products.

Frank: One dead , one wounded totally  unacceptable.

Buttercup: Peaceful means are the only way to stop them killing sonsofbitches.

The remainder of October will include parts of the two book I’m posting, Eric Rudolph’s White Lies, and Jim Kopp’s autobiography. First Jimbo:

  Who knows how these things happen. Maybe it was a "Harps and Angels" kind of thing, an angelic visit, but i found myself turning the wheel of my bike toward the slough that day after school.

  The slough itself doesn't have much to recommend it: scarcely five or ten acres of channels and marsh grass, all completely dominated by the overarching smelly, noisy shadows of the concrete freeway exchange.  I did not know what i was looking for as i dawdled by that swamp but i knew what it was the instant i saw it.

  A blue heron, right there in front of me, barely fifty feet away, more dignified than a prophet.

  Great Blue Herons (GBH) live in a world of their own, especially when they are fishing. They aren't afraid, they know you are there, and if you get too close they'll scoot. They'd just as soon dine alone, nothing personal. Unless.
  Unless you slide just a little onto the edge of their comfort zone and then just zone out so very completely, as if you didn't exist. Four and a half decades later i can't help but wonder if all quiet times and the healings and silent resolution that came from that, and all of quiet surveillance and all of the success, from a baby's and mom’s perspective, didn't all come from that silly bird who was just hanging out. My own personal spiritual quiet time guide, with feathers.

  I did slide up, and he did assess the situation and decide i was a suitable dining/contemplation companion, and we've been talking ever since that first meeting of an hour or so.

  A few months after that I spotted him fishing close by that spot, right next to the Don Quixote statue just across the same exchange.
  On that occasion I didn't need to maneuver. I was pushing my bike over the freeway exchange. This time, he was fishing differently. It was a proper mud flat connected to the embayment of the creek. He had a much bigger space to work in than the original slough banks where i first saw him on the other side of the exchange.
  The sun was just going over the yardarm -- must've been a late rehearsal that day, or swim team practice. After a minute of watching i saw the whole story. He faced into the sun so his shadow was entirely behind him. He would put one foot forward delicately and then pause, perfectly still. Tiny minnows at his feet would return to the shallow space over his toes from where they had scurried away only a second before.
  Those minnows! Short-term memory issues for them are the bread and butter of our fisherman pal. He never came up empty. A one hundred percent efficient fisherman, our heron is, and the motion of his head, still, all of three feet over the water, to down, snatch, and up, was invisibly quick. When it’s time to wait, he waited.  When it was time to move, it was so quick you miss it. He had no hesitation or false move, and he fished with supreme confidence.
  This confidence in his own fishing abilities ramified through the rest of his birdy life. The heron has a leisurely pace in his life, especially among so many usually frantic birds. So often he's just daydreaming, when most birds are always scrounging around for something to eat, right? Or speed-dating, anxious flighty and nervous. Not our gentleman heron.  I didn't know it at the time but i learned a lot from him about pace, timing, work, preparation, surveillance, calmness and confidence.

  Up at our house just a little bit from this, my mom had a poem on the kitchen wall:

Said the Robin to the Sparrow as he sat upon the bough,
Tell me, why do all these humans rush about and worry so?

Said the Sparrow to the Robin as he flew down from the tree,

They must have no Heavenly Father, such as cares for you and me.

  We all rush around so much, but for what? Is the width and breadth of all we do really worth it? Is it worth the loss of heaven, the only mudflat that counts?                                                                                                                                                    
  Focus. Make haste slowly. Look for the substance and meaning, or lack of it, at all times in every thing we do and don't do.   We must seek the Lord's will the whole time, but we need to be careful, or "we'll wind up having nothing to talk about in the locker room."

  Kardashian cosmetic surgery? Pimp My Ride? Say Yes to the Dress? Bizarre Foods? Please. Life is short. Eternity beckons.

  In the same view from my room across the Ross Valley you could see a tiny Lutheran church, stop Number One on our search for a new church up north. We went there for a while, and i remember an awfully cute quiet girl. I did my Eagle project there, making plywood lecterns that would sit on a table for Sunday school, but our family never jelled at that church. Mom looked around; she probably checked out every church in Marin, not a huge task, but i don't remember the rest of us going with her. She finally settled on a Lutheran church in Novato, Good Shepherd. She seemed to be happy but the simple fact is that there was no Pastor Mees in Marin. Not even close. If there had been, she would have found him, especially since we'd all gotten such a deep draft of real faith down south.

By the time Mom found the Novato church, our family had gotten used to the idea of not going to church on Sunday. Even the Quantico “every Marine in chapel on Sunday” vibe didn't cut it anymore. One very good thing Good Shepherd did was introduce Mary to some neat charismaniacs who seemed to treasure her in a way beyond the family circle. This stood her in good stead since she came to a saving adult faith with the charismatic crowd a few years before her horrible death from leukemia when she was only nineteen.  (tbc)

    Next Eric:

  The birth control movement has never been monolithic, but two ideas have been there from the beginning, and neither one is white supremacy. Those ideas are feminism and Neo-Malthusianism.  From the beginning, radical feminists have vied- for control against Neo-Malthusian liberals. During the period between 1940 and 1970, when the major population-control organizations took shape, Neo-Malthusians set the agenda. But then the pendulum swung back the other way, and has remained there ever since.

  In the late 1960s, militant feminists made the legalization of abortion their number one issue. Feminist historian and bra burner Linda Gordon says birth control finally came into its own “as a woman’s right, as a tool for women’s advancement  sex equality, and sexual freedom.” The militants organized underground “abortion collectives,” such as Jane in Chicago (officially known as the Abortion Counseling Service of the Chicago Women's Liberation Union), which provided 11,000 illegal abortions between 1969 and 1973.
  The ACLU and NARAL, far left-wing groups, helped on the legal front, litigating cases to overturn state abortion laws.
  The women who took part in this movement were schooled in the ideology of Kate Millet, Susan Brownmiller, Shulamith Firestone, Andrea Dworkin, and Catherine MacKinnon - all radical feminists whose writings exhibit considerable insanity, but not white supremacy. The radical feminist doesn’t only want legal and political equality for women, she believes instead that the entire “role system” must be abolished before women can achieve equality. Radicals believe that, starting in early childhood, females and males are taught to be slaves and slave masters, indoctrinated into accepting their respective “gender roles” of feminine and masculine, brainwashed into believing these culturally assigned roles are based on natural differences.
  Kate Millet said this: “Sexual politics obtains consent through ‘socialization’ of both sexes to basic patriarchal polities with regard to temperament, role, and status. As status, a pervasive assent to the prejudice of male superiority guarantees superior status for the male, inferior in the female.
  The radical feminist believes that men are basically evil. According to Catherine MacKinnon, any sexual act involving a man and a woman is a form of “rape,” even though the woman may believe she gave her consent. There’s no such thing as a good marriage.
  “Marriage is an institution [that] developed from rape as a practice. Rape, originally defined as abduction, became marriage by capture. Marriage meant the taking was to extend in time, to be not only use but possession of ownership,” Andrea Dworkin contends.

  The family is the fount of oppression in the world, its origins begin with the ownership of women and children. “Patriarchy’s chief institution is the family. It is both a mirror of and a connector with the larger society; a patriarchal unit within a patriarchal unit.”  Given the history of the institution, “The family, as that term is presently understood, must go.”

  The radical feminist believes the prerequisites of liberation include the “full self-determination, including economic independence, of women (and children); the total integration of women (and children) into all aspects of the larger society; and the freedom of all women (and children) to do whatever they wish sexually,” Shulamith Firestone insists [emphasis added].
  The roots of women’s oppression is biological, as a woman’s weakness in child rearing leaves her vulnerable to men. Shulamith Firestone looks forward to the day when technologies of artificial reproduction will allow women to escape the “fundamental inequality of bearing and raising
children.”  For those women still in bondage to men, birth control and abortion are the means of escape. Linda Gordon says that “birth control represents the single most important material basis of women’s emancipation in the course of the last century - contraception promised the final elimination of women’s only significant biological disadvantage.” Birth control and abortion are weapons. Patriarchy needs women to bare its children. Feminists must take full advantage of this weakness by holding future unborn generations hostage.  (tbc)

  Wow!  Shulamith Firestone, what a gal. Famous, or notorious, for saying “Giving birth is like shitting a watermelon” (my wife agreed). I don’t think I’ve ever read of a more horrible last year than the one leading up to her suicide.

Quote of the day:  I'm prepared to die in jail, if necessary. I can no longer cope with the hypocrisy of praying for life ... and paying for death."
    John Little

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