The Militant Christian
     A text by Paul Ross Evans
Chapters 1 and 2 Paul Ross Evans
I.      Introduction
II.    Theocracy - The True Government for the Militant Christian
III.   Theocratic Law and Its Function
IV.   Criminal Law
V.    Military Law and Rules of Engagement
VI.   Moral Law and Assorted Laws of Theocracy
VII.  The Ten Commandments - Behavioral Standards and a Sacred Code
VIII. Prayers for Strength
IX.   Documented Action by the Author of the Text

X.     Epilogue
I.  Introduction
  Against a modern sky, our towering Christian culture began to crumble.  Slowly, but surely, we’ve let it come to this.  We are disarmed, lacking the absolution we have stood tall with during past conflicts, declaring ourselves a cut above the rest.  No, now we relinquish the sword and shield of the Lord’s absolute commandments.  They have been cheaply traded for empty idealism and pacifistic, flesh-worshiping idolatry.
  The time has come for us, as a body, to draw a line in this conflict.  We must separate Christian from non-believer. Does that mean we abandon non-believers?  Absolutely not.  But in order for a Christian to embark upon a journey leading others to Christ, that Christian must be able to see clearly. Today, things are, at best, cloudy and uncertain for the mainstream followers of Christ. Then again, Christ was anything but mainstream.
  For those who know the truth, it can be difficult and exhausting to walk through a grey world, where no black   and white lies are drawn, and everything remains uncertain.  It is my wish that this text will give my brothers and sisters those clear lines, as they have been revealed to me.  My hope also is the sheer, plain truth of the text will influence others to follow Christ, and join us as well.
  Positively, at one time, people, we were a force to reckoned with.  Our callings as the chosen have not died, only our will to stand defiantly in the faces of the enemy as Armies of the God of Israel.  When the day comes along when Christians unite world-wide, and align themselves with the truth of the Word, nothing can or will stop us.  May God be with us.
II.  Theocracy - The True Government for the Militant Christian
  When we speak of theocracy in this text, it should be said that we are speaking of a government by officials regarded as divinely inspired, and a state governed by that fore mentioned.
Some would say that, through democratic voting, a man is somewhat chosen and ordained by God.  However, when the mass man of a specified region and epoch does not adhere to Christian doctrine and principles, the resultant vote-winner is simply not a reflection of “God’s choice,” rather the people’s choice.  Humanity’s choice.
  What does the mass man of this epoch reflect?  What would today’s people choose?   Today’s mass man, and especially today’s bourgeoisie, is spoiled.  Years, even centuries ago, what would have been considered vast blessings have been transformed, neoterically, into a deserving right, to be demanded.  People of past generations were accepting of the fact that there was a portion of everyone’s existence when man was destined to suffer.  Clearly liberalism, which now encourages our people from all angles to claim liberty from the restraints of our Eternal Destinies, strives for freedom of criticism by the dominant religious influence of each specific region. Such brand of democracy has clouded our visions, our judgment.  Along with  technological advancement, the mass man, who embodies the greatest capability of good and evil as well as many of an ill-formed nature, has advanced to positions in which these liberal overtones bleed into such democratic mass voting processes.
  In short,, there is no hope in electing an official statistically in this country when examining the make-up of said voting body.  However, if that make-up were tipped exclusively in our favor, the results would be different obviously.  This is nevertheless what I speak of in this text when mentioning the merging of the democratic vote in a Theocratic State.  That is what I advocate and support as a militant Christian of the twenty-first century.
  A theocracy is the plan, and the vision, of the true Christian militant.  What I intend to des cribe in the following text is not only a marriage of the theocracy and a democratic vote, but as well a marriage of the theocracy and government by Judges mentioned and described in the Biblical            book of the same name.  Here God raises Cheiftans and deliverers because the people had repented.  We intend to apply this same process.  But first we must look to where our theocracy originates, after the previous precursor, to where exactly we are headed with this.
  It begins  certainly with God’s direct declaration of sole Rule over His people, starting in Exodus 19: 3-8 (KJV):
3  And Moses went up unto God, and the Lord called unto him out of the mountain, saying, Thus shalt thou say to the house of Jacob, and tell the children of Israel
4  Ye have seen what I did unto the Egyptians, and how I bare you on eagles’ wings, and brought you unto myself
5  Now therefore, if you will obey my voice indeed, and keep my covenant, then ye shalt be a peculiar treasure unto me above all people, for all the earth is mine
6  And ye shall be unto me a kingdom of priests, and a holy nation.  These are the words which thou shalt speak unto the children of Israel
7  And Moses came and called for the elders of the people, and laid before their faces these words which the Lord commanded him
8  And all the people answered together, and said, all that the Lord hath spoken we will do.  And Moses returned the words of the people unto the Lord.
  According to patriarchal philosophy, something we will delve into more later in this text when examining the importance of the family unit in Christian culture and civilization, the Father is the head, authority, and power over life and death.  This authority is furthered by verses such as Exodus 12: 26,27 - Exodus 13: 8, 14 - and portrays precisely that the Father instructs and directs his household.  This is a mirror image of how we are directed to follow God the Father’s instruction.  Deuteronomy 6:7 further displays the father’s role in the household and, as well, gives us the frank instruction in this verse (and verses just  like it) that as governments are set up to govern Christian men and women, God the Father is our omnipresent, omnipotent leader and sole guidance.  Job 1:5, in turn, is an exhibition of the father of the household’s great responsibility as each individual family’s guiding force.
  As the book of Judges presents for Christians, a pattern of failure/punishment/deliverance is dominant (in such books) and is useful in understanding God’s way.  It should be said that a Christian body of believers should be observant of such examples when establishing judges for their territories.  Once a Christian body of individuals is in the position of set ting up a fresh government for themselves and their given land, they have the duty of establishing a democratic voting system that will help to raise into power those they feel have been ordained by God the Father.   Through these judges, God leads through the fundamental working theocracy.  When the Christian body feels that the judge has fallen away from God’s instruction, and he refrains from directing the body in such a direction, he is to be removed immediately.
  This is not to say that judges are never to make mistakes, as is evident in the book of Judges in our Holy Bible.  Our theocratic government is simply a form of government, with God as the head and direct ruler of the people, working through appointed leaders who, in actuality, were raised up by God to judge the people.
  The supreme and unequivocal law concerning morals, treatment of foreigners, slavery, taxation, military laws, laws for domestic relations, parental laws and powers, and criminal law are all outlined in detail throughout the Bible.  Many of these areas are covered throughout this text.  As mentioned before (as well as throughout the Bible) we are far from perfect.  We are sinful by nature, in fact, as humans.  However, we attempt to deny such nature, these laws are given to us for a reason.  As Christian militants we are to uphold God’s Law, using force, if necessary.  It is my belief that the laws give to us by the Father, God, reflect understanding and a fair but stern authority.  Some of the offenses described, however, in this text as well as our Bibles, are atrocities.  These atrocities are not only committed towards the individual they are perpetrated against but they are also threats toward the foundation of an upright Christian society.
  As this text is written, we will consider the reader well-informed of the fact that it has been a great struggle to establish a beacon, and secure a land, for the militant Christian nation.  So with respect to that, and as we follow God’s law, we must purge from among us certain atrocious sinners in order to cleanse our upright Christian nation.  This will secure a remission of those acts which have been committed among us.  If we refuse to act, and ignore such behavior, we bring those punishments upon us for turning a blind eye towards those particular types of behavior.
  The faithful and genuine Christian militant never allows, in the society he lives in, God’s law to take a back seat to civil law.  This is a sheer impossibility for anyone reading our Father’s written law, and studying it in all earnestness and in truth.  God’s law never molds or shape-shifts to fit the ruling body.  God’s law never forms into a modified version in support of the present inhabitant’s false idols.  Severe punishments are dispensed by God throughout the Bible for any such type of Liberal tolerance and apathy.  God’s law is a direct portion of the Rock that it is built upon.  Even THE Rock states later in this life, in Matthew 10:34 - “Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I come not to send peace, but a sword.”  Let us never forget that He was then tortured to death by the “authorized figures” (of that time and place) for opposing their misbegotten rule.
    At one time, in recent history - and when I use the term “recent,” I speak, still, of several hundreds of years ago - we began to draw close to God the Father of a nation.  We attempted to establish a land in which Christians could live and work, serving our most-high God.  However, as in the case of ANY monarchy or democracy that is not the TRUE theocracy, the propensity for corruption by human hands strangles out virtue in the end.
  Eventually these types of societies, which began with variations of great and small intentions of establishing Christian nations, are overtaken by wicked seeds planted from all directions by the Evil One.  Somewhere in time, as the mass man visualizes his leaders’ falling, bow-worshipping, technological “progression,” industry, money, lust and/or the worship of personal relationships, he follows, and all is lost. Typically at this point, the last remnants of true virtue are overtaken by extreme forms of liberal and socialist ideologies.  Eventually, the mass man begins to cling to some type of order, yet he still resents the Christian-based life walk, and especially the true and faithful follower of Christ.  So he clings to anything non-Christian at core.  They aren’t necessarily Anti-Christian, yet they all work together to hypnotize the potential Christian, and for our purpose this is surely negative.  Buddhism, Islam, Judaism, Atheism, the Occult, and many more false religions are simply used to deny Christ.  Many blame Christians - other humans - for their resentments toward the world and the way it has always been.  Many hold strong resentments towards organized religion on any scale.  In turn, “religions” which elevate the self and/or promote a higher power, but leave plenty of room for the human mind to dictate, are adhered to vehemently.  These established “religions” are simply used to meet the needs all of us have to serve a higher power, and to belong.  Sadly, these ill-guided children have chosen poorly, chosen falsely.
  The illusions of modern crime have worked in the last decades to chip away any of the final strands of morality our youth grasped a hold of.  These illusions portray the drug dealer, the thief, the flesh-peddler, or the violent member of organized crime as holding a position of respect within our community.  He has an “upper hand” with either brute force, tactics of the school yard bully, or with possession of a large amount of money or influence.  What does this say about a society, when a criminal has been elevated to the position of hero in modern media?  Herein lies one of the purest examples of what that society finds important: money and/or power over other humans.
  Such life walks inevitably fail in the end, and said individuals who so foolishly follow such paths fall with it.  For such things only last so long, and are vanity - as the preacher of Ecclesiastes describes for us perfectly.  Long term happiness, however, lies in following the God of Israel and adhering to, and enforcing, His rules, at all costs.
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