Prisoners of Christ

Remember them that are in bonds, as bound with them.

Those incarcerated for saving unborn babies from babykilling abortionists.

Hebrews 12:14 Ye have not yet resisted unto blood, striving against sin.

Be aware, your mail WILL be read by prison authorities, do not write anything that will compromise or implicate yourself or anyone else.

Psalm 69:33 For the LORD heareth the poor, and dispiseth not his prisoners. 

The Prisoners of Christ

You may e-mail the Prisoners. Your e-mail will be printed and mailed to the POC. Put prisoner name in subject line and include a Postal Address if you would like a reply.

Hebrews 13:3
Remember them that are in bonds, as bound with them.
The Prisoners of Christ

You may e-mail the Prisoners. Your e-mail will be printed and mailed to the POC. Put prisoner name in subject line and include a Postal Address if you would like a reply.

Hebrews 13:3
Remember them that are in bonds, as bound with them.

My Friend PAUL Jennings  hill

Paul Jennings Hill  February 6, 1954 AD - September 3, 2003 AD

Charge: Homicide

Sentence: Death Sentence was carried out September 3rd 2003 AD by the state of Florida. Paul Hill saved 32 children from being murdered by babykilling abortionist John Britton.

Paul now rejoicing with Jesus Christ for all eternity. 

Our Eternal Brother Paul Jennings Hill

Psalm 94:21 They gather themselves together against the soul of the righteous, and condemn the innocent blood.

Paul Hill's website

Paul Hill links
2 Corinthians 4:17 For our light affliction, which is but for a moment, worketh for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory

My friend Scott Roeder

Scott Roeder 
Psalm 94:16 Who will rise up for me against the evildoers? or who will stand up for me against the workers of iniquity?

Isaiah 6:8 Also I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, Whom shall I send, and who will go for us? Then said I, Here am I; send me.

Thank you Scott Roeder for stopping Babykilling abortionist George Tiller from murdering any more innocent children.

Scott Roeder's Index Page

If you would like to email Scott Roeder click here.
Your e-mail will be printed and mailed to Scott.
If you would like a reply, include a US Postal address.
You can write Scott at:
Scott Roeder- 65192
P.O. Box 1568-H.C.F.
Hutcinson, Kansas 67504

Eric Rudolph

Eric Rudolph #18282-058
U. S. Penitentiary Max
P. O. Box 8500
Florence CO 81226-8500

Write to Eric directly at the address above or
E-mail Your email will be printed and mailed to Eric.
Include a Postal mailing address if you would like a  response.

Confessed to bombing babykilling abortion mills.

Also confessed to killing off duty cop that was guarding the babykilling abortionist and the abortion mill so they could kill babies in peace.

Eric Rudolph's homepage.

Prison Rules when writing Eric.

If you would like to send Eric some canteen money, please write him first.

Rachelle 'Shelley' Shannon
Rachelle Shelley Shannon my friend

Shelley now out - On probation for 3 years.


Clayton Waagner # 17258-039

Charged with mailing bogus anthrax threats and closing down over 500 babykilling abortion mills.

Write Clay at:
Clayton Waagner # 17258-039
P.O. BOX 1000

Incarcerated since December 5, 2001 AD.

Clay Waagner webpage

: Will be printed and mail to prisoner.
Include a postal return address so he can write back.

Sending Financial Assistance Federal Anti-Abortion Prisoners.

Michael Griffin

Michael F. Griffin #310249
Blackwater River Correctional Facility
5914 Jeff Ates Road
Milton, FL 32583-0000

E-mail Your email will be printed and mailed to the POC.
Include a return address for a reply  In Since: March 10, 1993 AD

Charge: Homicide
Michael Griffin stopped babykilling abortionist David Gunn from murdering any more innocent children.

Sentence: Life 
To send funds to Michael please send money order to address below made out to: Inmate Trust Fund - Michael Griffin #310249
Mail Money Orders to:
P. O. Box 780
Milton FL 32572
(more info: call Blackwater River at (850) 983-4100)

Michael Griffin

Michael Griffin Australian interview

Francis Grady

Francis Grady "I Lit up the clinic"  
Because they're killing babies

FRANCIS GRADY #11656-089 
(Francis recently passed away)

Peter James Knight

Peter James Knight CRN 158589

C/- Corrections Victoria
GPO Box 123
Melbourne VIC 3001

   Peter entered the Fertility Control Clinic in East Melbourne on July 16, 2001 AD and killed the abortion clinic security guard Steven Rogers by shooting him in the chest.  When arrested Peter had a handwritten note that read, “We regret to advise that as a result of a fatal accident involving some members of staff, we have been forced to cancel all appointments today.”

After his arrest, Knight wrote, “There will not be an abortionist in Melbourne left deathless.”

E-Mail service not provided for Peter Knight.
Australia does not allow funds to be sent to prisoners. 
In Since: July 29, 1994 AD
Charge: Homicide
Sentence: Life

Robert Lewis Dear

Robert Lewis Dear 
(For Robert Dear's address, please contact me.)
or email: E-mail.  Your email will be printed and mailed to the POC, include a return address for a response..

Psalm 119:73
Thy hands have made me and fashioned me: give me understanding, that I may learn thy commandments.

Bobby Joe Rogers

Bobby Joe Rogers

On 1/1/ 2012 AD, burned to the ground, Pensacola babykilling abortion mill The American Family Planning Clinic.

This abortion mill was previously known as The Ladies Center and is the place where Paul Hill shot babykilling abortionist Dr. John Britton and his bodyguard, James Barrett, in 1994, stopping their reign of murder on unborn children.

To write Bobby Joe Rogers:

BOBBY JOE ROGERS #21292-017    
USP Coleman 1
P.O. BOX 1033
Coleman FL 33521

Send email Bobby Joe Rogers
Your email will be printed and mailed to Bobby Joe, include a postal return address for reply.

To send funds to Bobby Joe Rogers click here.
Sending Financial Assistance Federal Anti-Abortion Prisoners.

Release Date: 05/10/2021 AD

Wesley Kaster

Wesley Kaster 
Inmate #190961
Cole County Jail
P. O. Box 426
Jefferson City MO 65102
(Must use Post Office post cards when writing Wesley)

Awaiting sentencing for burning a babykilling Planned Parenthood.

Marckles Alcius

Ran bakery truck into babykilling Planned Parenthood abortion clinic. 
Mailing address:
Marckles Alcius SBI# 546381E
Essex County Correctional Facility
354 Doremus Avenue     
Newark, NJ 07105

Sentence to 18 months for making Internet threats to Planned Parenthood.
People threaten pro-lifers all the time and it's hard to get the cops to even take a report on the threats, never mind getting the feds to do so.
Hollywood stars and politicians threaten the President of the United States and the Secret Service does nothing.
Why does babykilling Planned Parenthood get such fabulous treatment?

mail Luke at:
P.O. BOX 14500

Release Date: 10/17/2020


Jedediah Stout

Jedediah Stout #26133-045


Two unsuccessful attempts at burning down the babykilling Planned Parenthood clinic in Joplin MO
Sentenced five years and three months

Babies murdered by babykilling abortionists.

Additional Prisoner List #2 is a list of prisoners that are supportive of stopping the murder of unborn children. They are incarcerated for things unrelated to anti-abortion.
Click here for Prisoner List #2

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