Paul deParrie goes to be with the Lord.
What follows is his last letter to us.

My friends and supporters,
The reason you are getting this letter is because I am either deceased or incapacitated. I prepared this letter in advance along
with my will and other arrangements.
In either event, the ministry work I have been doing will be no longer. This may be the last official Little House of deParrie
communication you receive except as Bonnie may be able to provide you with an update.
My final request of you is that you assist Bonnie financially as you did me for a little longer so that she is able to adjust to the
drop in income. Some of you have been faithful, long-time supporters (for which I am deeply grateful) and others of you may
want to mike a one-time donation at this crucial hour.
You know I was always reluctant to have financial appeals in the Little House mailings, but as you can see, this is an unusual
situation. I would never have been able to carry on the work I did without Bonnie’s constant and tireless support and assistance.
Thank you for all your past prayers and support. Please also continue to remember Bonnie and the family in your prayers.
Paul deParrie
To the FBI and other LEOs: God has given you the authority under which you act. (Romans 13) You will give account to God at the Judgment for all of your uses and abuses of His authority. You are now acting under the USA Patriot Act, an unjust and oppressive law. Some of you are from the "old school" and hate what your agency has become -- a political tool of oppression against legitimate speech and protest. Yet you find yourselves still "part of the System." Remember Obadiah, a public official in Judah who served under the wicked King Ahab and his wife, Jezabel. That priest was also "part of the System," yet he found a way to assist the righteous prophets of God. (1 Kings 18:3-4) Use your authority wisely.
Paul deParrie's website the Portland Porcupine ://
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Pro-lifers mourn the passing of Paul deParrie
CLACKAMAS, OR -- Paul had devoted his life to defending those among us who are least able to fend for themselves. Appropriately, his last words spoken in public were delivered during a fiery oration to those attending the nominating convention of the Constitution Party of Oregon. In a style unique only to Paul, he zealously exhorted them to stand firm - to never compromise on even one abortion.
Paul deParrie dies at 56
Press Release from Pastor Matt Trewhella, I'm writing to inform you that Paul deParrie suffered a heart attack yesterday and went home to be with the Lord. Paul was a faithful Christian who witnessed regularly to others and who spoke and acted in defense of the preborn for two decades. He died on the field of battle doing what he loved best. He had just finished a defense of the preborn in the public square in Portland, Oregon, his hometown.

We Have Lost A Fearless Preacher
A good friend of mine, Paul deParrie, was such a preacher as this.
He not only refused to bow the knee to the State, he confronted the powers that be with the word of God. The world calls such men drastic, fanatical, extreme, negative, hateful, and in a sense they are right. He was single-minded, severe, unrelenting, fearless, because these are the qualities the circumstance demands! His ministry was geared to the emergency and that is what set him apart.
To such men whom God has sent with an unpopular message "the church owes a debt too heavy to pay," said A.W. Tozer. The curious thing is that she seldom tried to pay Paul while he was alive.
Paul deParrie, a fearless preacher, will be sorely missed.
--Jim Rudd
Turning Points by Paul deParrie
Culture War Associates
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