JAMES 5:16 Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for
another, that ye may be healed. the effectual fervent prayer of a
righteous man availeth much.
  How the Feds work.
Many Federal prisoners had a Judas-friend testify against them. That's
the way the Feds  operate. Anyone who doesn't know a lot about other
people's crimes or is not willing to "snitch"  on his friends will end up with
a lot more time than a "cooperating" individual.
I tried to take a cooperating deal (could have got my time down to 5 years!)
and I did give the Feds information, which is my reason for writing this.
Part of that deal was that I would tell them exactly what I did and didn't do.
So, in the presence of prosecutors, FBI, ATF, and two men Janet Reno
sent from DC, I admitted that I didn't do Redding or Boise, and that I know
who did. I did not give them a name. Thankfully we didn't get that far in
our deal. However, it did say it  was someone who was not associated with
pro-life activities, except for some prior "criminal  mischief" which he was
not arrested for, that he is about 6' tall, and they may suspect that he
  lives in the Grants Pass area. A polygraph proved I didn't do Boise or
Redding, but was  inconclusive as to whether someone else told me about
their doing it.
Besides the things I'm charged with, I confessed to writing a death
threat letter to Mr. George Woodward in Milwaukee, WI, plus two milder
letters, a couple phone calls, taking a mill's trash, an attempted "burglary"
at the Ashland, OR, mill, and a small "vandalism", most of which were
  mentioned in my diaries.
I had kept detailed accounts of most of my pro-life activities. I also saved
letters from other  people. If anyone reads this who ever sent me anything,
please assume the Feds have it. They are working on a lot of different puzzles.
If they put together enough pieces, they will be able to see a picture. I gave
them too many pieces to too many puzzles, in a selfish effort to save my
  own life. I didn't really know, then, whether it was the right thing to do or
not. EVERYONE seemed to want me to. I begged God over and over to
show me. I read verses about agreeing  with the adversary quickly, lest he
throw you in prison till you have paid the last penny, etc. But later, shortly
before my attorney called off the agreement, I started reading about Judas
the  traitor, and betrayal. What finally helped break it off was my failing
two polygraph tests. I said I did not know the true identity of Atomic Dog
or Mad Gluer. The machine said I lied both times.
I'm humiliated to admit what all I told them, but since this affects other
people, I feel a need to try to undo some of the damage. Without saying
what is true and what isn't, I'll try to remember  what I said about whom,
and explain as little as necessary for those who need to know. Anyone
  else reading this may want to quit reading now, or try not to save this in
your memory banks.
My notes said two people had convinced me that God is calling them to
shoot abortionists. I didn't give them those names, or the one other person
who read a book on how to be a hit man and planned to take out abortionists,
sniper style, and not get caught. This was not the Canadian shooter for
sure. The two were before Michael Griffin's act of righteousness in
Pensacola; the other told me after. I don't believe they have any clues to
the identity of these people. However, they do know that one of the first
two plans to shoot Allred. I happen to know that none of these receive
"P&A", and probably don't receive other mainstream pro-life publications.
I can only  hope that someone else will somehow notify the person who wants
to shoot Allred that the Feds know. Not by phone or mail though!
Other info given them: I received a list of approximately 10 names and
phone numbers and 3 or 5 addresses by anonymous mail. I called the first
two numbers (Atomic Dog and Mad Gluer) from pay phones. I received
at least one call from Mad Gluer, and much anonymous mail, postmarked
  Pensacola and Marietta, GA. This list is buried at Limpy Creek.
My first copy of the Army of God Book was sent to me by a lady in Kansas.
They have her name and the letter she sent me. Future copies were sent
anonymously, and once there was a return address with no name, which
didn't match the postmark. Both were MN, MO, MI, or something like that.
                          Don't keep notes
I had told them Mad Gluer has a deep or low voice, and Atomic Dog's
first name is Steve. When I failed the lie detector test, the polygraphers
said I could still redeem myself by telling them the truth. I spilled my guts,
basically: Really don't know M.G.'s name or how he looks, but would
  recognize him by his voice. Steve's last name might be Duncan or Brown,
otherwise I don't  know. I heard mention of those Steves and thought they
could have been talking about him. He could live in Pensacola. If not, I don't
know. The address in Pensacola was a PO Box. In Marietta it was a street
My notes from "rescues" were so detailed that if anyone said anything
on the subject of using  force to stop abortion, please assume they have it,
and possibly your name.
The men from DC basically admitted that they read my mail. I'm sure
they have been since Wichita.
During questioning they went through my notes. They have the name
of a lady in MI who sent clippings, know which clippings, and suspect
her of being a "midwife named Lynn" that's mentioned in the A.O.G. Book.
I wouldn't know. I could only I.D. a couple of the names from  there that
they asked me about: an Irishman named Joe, and Baby Huey's first name.
I admitted giving away 12-15 copies of the Army of God book, but could
only remember two of the people I think I gave them to: Rick DeVos and
John Bell (who did not keep his), but I may have given one to our Right to
Life Leader, Myrna. Also, as far as I know the kryptonite locks are at
  Myrna's house not at Limpy Creek. I said I believe "termite tactics"
refers to the small things that eat away at a place, which might include lock
rescues and glue.
Going through my diaries they learned: Details of the E/C Essay; I don't
think Julius and Irene are pro-force; who Tablet, Handbag, and Cal are;
Trina was against use of force at first; John Witte sent me "Determined
Rescue Info" (clippings on Beaumont, a Rescue America Newsletter,
and a couple other clippings); I wrote Fairy Tale (I was both Shaggy West
and Mad Momma); I don't remember who "A.C." whom I got a map from,
which I used, is; had saved a  letter from Danny B. explaining a way to
blow up a building; contents of mail to Don Anderson, and what the
"incriminating" call he got a write-up for was about (bombing, shooting, etc.);
who "Lee" was who took pictures of Alhambra mill; who "Lee" was in a
dream, who laid down his life for others.
They asked if various people were D.R.s (Determined Rescuers -- had
bombed or torched  places). I can't remember any of the names they asked
about, except that they asked if Rev. Bray was teaching people how to
bomb places! This is highly unlikely since 1) Rev. Bray knows
  they've been keeping an eye on him, and 2) He never did the bombings
he went to prison for in the first place. We all love Rev. Bray, but he hasn't
done any D.R.s, so how could he teach anyone else how? (I didn't tell them that.)
I didn't know a lot of the names they asked about. They weren't interested
in Operation Rescue people. They want the Army of God.
I hope the soldiers still out there leave other people out of their activities.
Don't even tell anyone anything, or you may put them in the position of
possibly having to choose between their freedom or yours some day. If
you're keeping diaries and notes, the Feds will take them very seriously
  after your arrest. If you ever start talking to Feds, you could easily get
caught up in something  that's not easy to get back out of. And remember,
they are putting together puzzles.
They may know, for instance, that whoever wrote the Army of God book also
did this or that. But it would appear harmless to tell them who wrote a book.
I tried to "cooperate" by not telling them how much I know. It didn't work.
I got myself in trouble for lying. There was pressure from everyone.
"What if you didn't cooperate and spent your whole life in prison and the
others got caught anyway?" "It's time for you to quit. You did your part.
Now you need to think about your husband and kids and grandkids."
"There's never anything wrong with telling the truth." "Other people
shouldn't have told you anything if they didn't want it out."
EVERYONE was saying deal; NO ONE was saying don't.
I thought the others might not get caught anyway. If they did, the political
climate could be better by then. I was stressed past being able to think
straight, compounded by being here with loud-mouthed crazy lesbians,
lights that stay on all night, not even seeing the outdoors or breathing
fresh air. But when I tried to deal, I had no peace. I always felt despair.
I wanted to die, and did get tempting thoughts of suicide, for the first time
in my life. I should have known it would be better to get 300 years in prison
myself than to land other people there.
If life in prison is God's will, then that is what's best. There is no chance in
court, but there is no good alternative. My judge is a liberal democrat, and
judges manipulate juries. My attorney is a pro-choice liberal democrat who's
mad at me for lying. If he still cares, he's probably the best attorney I could
get. I have some ridiculous trumped up "extortion" and racketeering charges
that carry a lot of years of mandatory minimum sentences. This is a new
injustice, brought on for corrupt political reasons. But I have God's Peace.
I hope to avoid any further "cooperation" even if I do get 300 years.
And may God have mercy and forgive my compromise, and I pray the
same of my friends.
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