The Justifiable Use of Force
                            By Dan Holman
The use of force to protect unborn babies is objectionable more in principal than in practice. George Bush killed tens of thousands of people in Afghanistan and Iraq while maintaining the loyalty and affection of most pro-life organizations. Paul Hill is rejected by pro-lifers for killing an abortionist, and his armed body guard.
Right to Lifers find themselves in agreement with Planned Parenthood and the National Abortion Rights Action League. They also maintain that Hill was wrong in using force to stop the killing of children.
If Paul Hill was right in using force, than those who condemn the use of force are pro-life heretics.
It is doubtful that anyone would object to Hill using deadly force to stop 2 men from killing a room full of pre-school children. Objections to the use of force from pro-abortion proponents are understandable; they do not recognize the humanity and worth of the pre-born.
Those who object to the use of force to protect pre-born children do no truly believe in their humanity and worth!
Would “non-violent” pro-lifers not use force to protect their own loved ones? Would they write a letter to their Congressman while their son or daughter was being sliced to pieces before their eyes? Paul Hill loved his neighbor as himself. Paul Hill saw and understood the pain and suffering of these children where others perceive them as an “issue.” Paul Hill equated these children to his own children. He was willing to die for them. Paul Hill paid a higher price for these children than any man has yet paid.
“Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” John 15:13
Some Christians argue that it is against the rule of law to kill an abortionist. It is the role of the civil magistrate to execute vengeance (punishment). Paul Hill did not execute vengeance. Paul Hill defended children slated for death. No one would argue that Paul Hill stopped an abortionist from killing children that day.
It is the role of civil government to protect its citizens from wrongdoing. Yet history tells us that government can be corrupt. All authority has limitations, and is ultimately subordinate to Almighty God. Our Constitution gives civil magistrates their authority to make and enforce law. Civil magistrates can become lawless. Recognizing this fact the Declaration of Independence states in part:
“That whenever any From of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to affect their Safety and Happiness.”
We once were a nation under the Sovereignty of Almighty God. His Law was our rule of law. Prior to 1973, the humanity of the unborn was understood and protected.
It is hypocrisy to contend against the removal of the 10 Commandments in Montgomery, Alabama while approving of the execution of Paul Hill for upholding the 6th Commandment!
History and scripture is replete with examples of courageous men and women who defied a lawless government in favor of the Law of God. It takes the cooling of a hostile political climate to recognize their bravery. John Brown was considered a “terrorist” by modern definition. Brown led the raid on Harper’s Ferry to gain armaments to free the slaves. Robert E. Lee led the company of marines that captured him. Brown was executed for his heroic actions. “One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.” said George H. Bush.
Those against abortion understand that abortion is cold-blooded, pre-meditated murder! There is never an excuse to take an innocent human life. The reasons given by the pro-abortion people become invalid when applied to the post-born child. Shall we kill rape and incest babies after they are born? Are we to euphemize Downs Syndrome or Spinal Biffada people after they are born?
There are people who say they are against abortion but act as if unborn children are worth less than the lives of other people. Because they are influential, and have taken a public position, it is important to name their names so they do not lead others astray.
Flip Benham and Joe Scheidler are among the pro-life leaders who have publicly condemned Paul Hill for using force to save children. These men have done much good in the past, but they are in grave error regarding the use of force. To condemn the use of force to protect unborn children is a tacit admission that their lives are not worth defending. It is to say that that some have more of a Right to Life than others. It is a frank admission that pre-born children are somehow sub-human. If they truly believe the life of the unborn is worth less than the life of the abortionist than why defend the babies at all?
Some say that the abortionist might repent and become another Bernard Nathanson, or a Carol Everett. How many children is their salvation worth? Would you give your sons or daughters to a baby-killer hoping he will come to repentance? Would we hold this principal true for any other serial killer? The abortionist’s salvation is not worth the life of one innocent child!
Rubin Chavez (alias Rubin Israel), David Miller, Ron McRae, and 2 others were at Paul Hill’s execution taunting and mocking his death. They reminded me of the mockers at Christ’s execution. They have taken a public stand that Paul Hill is in hell for killing this paid assassin and his assistant. These men, and others like them, are pro-life heretics. A heretic is one who continues to espouse doctrinal error when confronted with the truth. These men should be noted, marked, and exposed. Those who minister with them should also be avoided.
“Now I beseech you, brethren, mark them which cause divisions and offences contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned; and avoid them.” Romans 16:17
There are others who say that it is never right to kill another human being. They lack a biblical world-view. God gives 16 reasons why people should be put to death. I do not disagree with any of them. Being “unwanted” is not one of them! Contrary to what some believe, the death penalty was not done away with in the New Testament. These people are the nicer than Jesus crowd. They prefer mercy over justice but get neither.
Does acknowledging the justifiable use of force oblige us to kill an abortionist? Most of us are not as courageous as Paul Hill. There are no Christian suicide bombers blowing up abortion clinics. We need to confess and acknowledge our lack of love toward God and the pre-born. It is wrong to vilify the courageous acts of Paul Hill to put our own weakness and cowardice in a better light. As long as there is confusion in doctrine among those who are against abortion, the world will not come to understand our message. “A mist in the pulpit is a fog in the pew.” Heretics and heresy must be dealt with openly and harshly.
None of us deserve the honor of standing with Paul Hill on the Day of Judgment. He truly stands alone.
DISCLAIMER: Missionaries to the Pre-born, Iowa, and its associates does not advocate killing abortion doctors, nor do we condemn those who do it.
Paul Hill is an unwanted pro-lifer
by Dan Holman
Paul Hill is an unwanted pro-lifer. His execution is an ex post facto abortion. His body is injected with poison similar to a saline abortion. Paul Hill identified himself with the unwanted babies.
The world identifies with the abortionist. Our laws have eroded to accept abortion, fetal tissue research, and Frankensteinian experimentation. Human cloning, designer babies, hybrid human animals, the cannibalization of aborted children, the profitable trafficking of their pillaged bodies, is a growing industry.
The “pro-life” Republican Party has a 30 year history of betrayal to the unborn. The Republicans are touted by National Right to Life News. In the July, 2003, Carol Tobias, NRL Political Director, has a front page picture of George and Jeb Bush with the caption: RE-ELECT PRESIDENT BUSH. Jeb Bush signed Paul Hill’s Death Warrant just prior to this article!
All of the prominent pro-life organizations distanced themselves from Paul Hill after the shooting of John Britton. Even Flip Benham of Operation Rescue National stated: That had he been at that clinic that morning, he would have taken the bullet for the abortionist!
With leadership like this, pro-lifers are walking in a fog. “A mist in the pulpit makes a fog in the pew.” Whoever condemns Paul Hill’s defense of the babies, agrees with the world that the babies are not worth defending. They admit that the life of the abortionist is worth more than the lives of the babies he kills.
Joe Schiedler recently stated: ''The movement has changed an awful lot, we see the babies as martyrs, but not Paul Hill.''
The word martyr means a witness; Paul Hill is certainly a witness against the child-killing industry. Before and after he shot John Britton he preached on the right of the use of force to protect babies from abortionists.
By definition, a martyr is “One who accepts death to renunciation of a faith, cause, or principle.” Here is where Paul Hill differs from Michael Griffin. Michael Griffin renounced his actions. Paul Hill has not.
Michael Griffin recanted of shooting Peter Gunn after spending months of suffering the privations of prison, and the rejection of the world, including his family, church and the pro-life community.  He received a 25 year sentence as a reward.
Like William Wallace, Paul was tortured so he might recant. For the past nine years he was kept in a windowless 5’ x 9’ cell lit only by a neon bulb. The only way he could tell weather it was day or night is by the brightening or dimming of that bulb. He was allowed outside his cell once a month for one hour of lone exercise in a Gym. The gray walls of his cell, and his orange jail clothes were the only colors he saw. After a week in his cell, he could not dream outside of it.
The separation of family and friends is the hardest trial that a prisoner endures. Paul’s wife and children had to bear his infamy without him. He could not console them during their time of need. He could not materially support them. This was Paul Hill’s greatest sacrifice. It was also a demonstration of his faith. He trusted their care to the Providence of God. Many ancient warriors before him went to war leaving families behind in similar manner of sacrifice. Paul put his family on the altar along with his own life.
There are worse things in life than death. With the loss of family, friends, and freedom, there is nothing left for Paul Hill in this world. He has run the race, he has endured the course. He awaits his turn before the Great White Throne of God. He remained faithful to the end; he will not need to blush. “Well done thou good and faithful servant: …enter into the joy of the Lord.” Matthew 25: 21
“Master, which is the great commandment in the law? Jesus said unto him, ‘Thou shalt love
the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy mind. This is the first and great
commandment. And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.
On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.”      Matthew 22: 36-40
DISCLAIMER: Missionaries to the Pre-born, Iowa, and its associates does not advocate killing abortion doctors, nor do we condemn those who do it.
Betrayal to Christ and the babies
by dan holman
to Johnson County Right to Life.
          The heresy of Pacifism
      (An open letter to Johnson County Right to Life)
Much of the church takes a “pray-only” strategy toward the massacre of the unborn. They frown upon those who are demonstrably disturbed by these deaths. They disapprove of preaching and pleading for the life of the baby. They do not approve of the use of bloody photographs of the unborn babies, even though it is proven that preaching and the photos save lives. They are content to silently twirl their beads if they even bother to come to the clinics at all. Would they employ this same tactic if it were their child that was being gorged? Would they be content to have others merely mutter a prayer for them if they were about to be unjustly executed? Is this “loving your neighbor as yourself?”
This conduct clearly demonstrates that most pro-lifers do not fully believe in the humanity and worth of the pre-born child. They treat the slaughter of these children as an impersonal “issue.”
Pacifism is a heresy. It is an unbiblical doctrine. Those who subscribe to it are heretics! Jesus said we are to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, visit the imprisoned, give drink to the thirsty, and take in the stranger, Matthew 25: 31- 46 not merely pray about it!
“Pure religion undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows IN THEIR
AFFLICTION, and to keep himself unspotted from the world.”
“If a brother or sister be naked, and destitute of daily food, And one of you say unto them, Depart in peace, be ye warmed and filled; notwithstanding ye give them not those things which are needful to the body; what doth it profit?”
James 1: 27 James 2: 15 - 16
How would Christ view the pray-only, “pro-Jew” Christian living around the Nazi death camps? At least he would have the excuse that his own life were in danger for trying to help the death-camp victims. He would not even be counted by the “Resistance!” He would be viewed as a collaborator with the Nazis.
Pro-lifers in  Iowa City are hunkered down in their bunkers in a time of relative safety. They will deny Christ, throw down their weapons, and scamper off the battlefield under 1st fire.
“If thou hast run with footmen, and they have wearied thee, then how canst thou contend with horses? And if in the land of peace, wherein thou trustedst, they wearied thee, than how wilt thou do in the swelling of Jordan?” Jeremiah 12: 5
What about the pray-only “pro-negro” who refuses meaningful aid to a run-a-way slave? Would he not be spat upon by the slaves and the Abolitionists for his cowardly conduct?
“In Park Church, on the Forth of July, 1829 in an address on slavery, I unreflecting ascended to the popular but pernicious doctrine of “gradual” abolition. I seize this opportunity to make a full and unequivocal recantation, and thus publicly to ask pardon of my God, of my country, and of my brethren to poor slaves, for having uttered a sentiment so full of timidity, injustice, and absurdity.” William Lloyd Garrison “The Liberator”
Johnson County Right to Life does not want to identify itself with the William Lloyd Garrison types of today.
NRTL adopted the strategy of gradual Incrementalism in the mid-1980s. They wanted to appear reasonable to the politicians and to accommodate them. Instead of demanding the abolition of abortion on demand with its birth control roots; NRTL contents itself with merely trimming its branches. “It is better to save some of the babies than none of them!” is their creed. It is situation ethics at its worse! All the energy and resources of RTL have been focused on half measures such as: Informed Consent, 24 hour Waiting Period, Parental Consent, and Right to Know legislation. They are presently championing the great non-issue, Partial Birth abortion. NRTL legislation is pro-choice legislation! NRTL has devolved from being anti-abortion in 1973, to directing abortion today.
RTL gleefully compromised more lives with the “life of the mother” exception. This position allows for killing a child if a mother’s life is at risk. It is a frank admission by the world’s largest pro-life organization that the child’s life is worth less than the mother’s life. Politicians will not rise above the principals of his constituents. Rape and incest exceptions began to appear. Though not officially adopted by RTL, they are none-the-less accepted via the politician. To “the lesser of two evils,” a wink is as good as a nod. Because there is no serious objection or loss of support from NRTL, the practical policy of NRTL lies in the
hands of politicians. NRTL goes along to get along. They do not support or endorse the uncompromising anti-abortion candidates of the Constitution Party. NRTL has become an organ of the Republican Party. They fill Republican Party coffers with their PAC money.
Planned Parenthood of Iowa City might as well have a sign on its entrance that reads: “Open with the blessing and approval of Johnson County Right to Life.” Johnson Co. RTL is a misnomer. Their leadership is collaborating with Planned Parenthood and Emma Goldman against those who are anti-abortion. They refuse to stand against the assembly-line executions of the babies slated for abortion. They stand with the abortion industry against those who plead for the lives of the children.
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DISCLAIMER: Missionaries to the Pre-born, Iowa, and its associates does not advocate killing abortion doctors, nor do we condemn those who do it.
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