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When people talk about human rights, they don't seem to include fetuses' right to live.  Doesn't anybody say a fetus is actually a human being?

While correctly punishing a satanic murderous doctor is considered illegal, murdering an innocent fetus, the youngest human being, is actually legal.  While a lot of people are so worried about criminals' human rights, they don't seem to care for fetuses' human rights.

What's this world coming to?
The betrayal ruling against human race over the Virginia was totally disheartening, and I hope the upper court will be more sensible.

I only have one sentence to say:
"death to saudi arbia, extermination to islam, may someone start it and I'll
be the second to follow".
( a Christian who suffered seven years in Saudi Arabia".)

The only reason why baby killing is legal is so the filthy American
government. Leaders can have more money in their pocket. First the
baby killers get paid "the doctors", then the doctors pay off the
government for their evil acts. I think all baby killing Doctors should
be killed by dehydration just like the way the majority of the babies
They killed died. What kind of county is this? It seems the heroes get
placed in prison And the filthy baby killers walk away, wait, I mean
drive away in their new BMWs.
Daniel Anderson

Rich Saporito
Mommy, mommy, don't do that
choose life and let me live
let me live another day
allow me to go all the way
and be born, someday

mommy, mommy, I feel you walk
mommy, mommy, I hear you talk
I kick and I grin when you speak to me
and I can't wait till all I see
is your face, smiling at me

mommy, mommy, I love you much
and I like to feel your touch
when you laugh I'm happy too
and when you cry, I feel so blue
just like you

mommy, mommy, who are they
why are they chasing us away
they sound like people I'd like to meet
why are they standing across the street
saying, don't do that

mommy, mommy, what's that sound
why am I being turned around
why am I feeling very bad pain
why is my life starting to wane
away from me

mommy, mommy, why did I die
I guess they tricked you, believing a lie
abortion's really murder, didn't you know
the people outside told you so
you should have talked to them
mommy, mommy, they're cutting me
piece by piece, I can see
they're taking my parts, and selling them
I really thought that we were friends
when will it ever end

mommy, mommy
mommy, mommy
mommy, mommy
mommy, mommy


Baby killers baby killers, your mama's pro life
baby killers with your surgical knife
stop shedding innocent blood
in heaven your name is mud

baby killers baby killers, shame on you
baby killers for what you do
you who murder the birth
you're the scum of the earth

baby killers, your god is satan
baby killers, your judgment's waiting
you'll burn in hell the day you die
it's a baby, not your fetus lie

baby killers baby killers shame on you
baby killers for what you do
you who murder the birth
you're the scum of the earth

baby killing butchers with your hippocratic oath
you're a filthy liar saying you do them both
your selling baby parts
you got the devil in your heart

baby killers baby killers shame on you
baby killers for what you do
you who murder the birth
you're the scum of the earth

My GOD, I feel no empathy for the Wrath of God that shall cometh upon the evildoers that commit such absolute atrocities against helpless babies, this is the most horrific thing that I have ever seen, I wept, I NEVER cry, being so hardened and jaded by this absolutely evil and bound for HADES world, but these horrible pix have sickened me to unbelievable depths, how can these murderous pigs live with themselves?? I wept, wept, you see, I know ALL about the "PLAN" of our wicked, Satanic so called government, and the "New World Order", which involves the "Freemasons", the Luciferian "Shriners", and of course , the "Illuminati", whom are ALL Satanic worshippers, they have been exposed, I KNOW WHAT THE DEAL IS, I have "eyes to see, and ears to hear"!!
    I cannot say thanks to you for showing these absolutely horrible and evil pictures, but thank you for bringing out the truth, although horrific, these must be seen!! Unfortunately, thank you for revealing this carnage, perhaps it will wake up the "sheeple", I will show them to my wife, whom shall be deeply saddened and perhaps become ill, like I almost did. Please let me know if you need any assistance, years ago, I must admit, here in Philadelphia, Pa,  there once stood a abortion protester, at Roosevelt Blvd. and Comly Road, I used to drive by and give him the "finger", but that was because I was IGNORANT, stupid and BLIND, but I have since "woken" up, I apologize for my "stupidity", but here is the good news, Praise GOD, I HAVE WOKEN UP!! I am not a very religious person, I never attend Church because I believe that they are phony, but I still believe what the Glorious BIBLE says and I am a TRUE Believer..keep up the work, however horrible the images seen on your website..if you know what  I mean..MARANATHA!!
Yours in Christ

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 Dear Army of god
 My name is Ahmed Ali Sultan i live in cario i read your web site , sadly for your souls you dont know islam, i only ask of you to read about islam you will find it peaceful.
I am not happy about your web site i will give you 9 days to change it or  i will take matters to my own hand . I am very rich and can afford to teach all responsble a lesson in life .
 I accpet a answer soon.

Dear Ali
We believe in Jesus Christ who died for our sins upon  the cross of Calvary and was raised from the dead. He is the only way of salvation.

   Subject:   partial birth abortion?? theres no such thing in Nebraska

Hello, i choose to write this email on behalf of all the workers at Abortion Clinics around the country. I work for a VERY good
doctor and i see EVERYTHING that goes on in the rooms, I am his medical assistant.....there is no such thing as P.B.A's!!! Not here in Nebraska anyways!!!!! The pictures all the Pro Lifers show are so fake, they don't know why the women come to the clinic to have an abortion, and also they LIE!!!
       We send girls home all the time if we see that they cannot deal with the whole abortion thing. It is PURELY A WOMEN'S
CHOICE if she wants or needs to have an abortion, not her family, not her boyfriend!!!! We ask the girls if anyone has forced them, told them, or threatened them to have this procedure done, if they get emotional, that just means that abortion is not THEIR choice and send them home pregnant. Nobody knows what's going on in an abortion clinic until you have ACTUALLY been in one!!!!
     I have had two abortions, once when i was 15 (too young) and getting pregnant was a mistake. I also had one about 9 months ago due to my husband cheating on me, we got a divorce and already have a 2 year old boy. I'd rather not have ANOTHER baby asking where his/her daddy is on struggling to make 2 kids' life perfect. I want my son that I have now to have everything and anything he needs and why put a unwanted child through misery????!!!!
       If nobody agrees with my point of view, that's fine, but EVERYONE has a FREEDOM OF SPEECH and you just heard
mine!!!!!!!!!!  I welcome any comments that you may have,,,,,it just doesn't matter what anyone has to say, because you don't live MY life

Hello. My name is Joseph and I want to thank you for this web site. Most people have indeed been "brainwashed" by the educational systems for over the last 30+ years. Back in the late '70s I argued with my biology teacher about what is life etc.. She just tried to shut me up. Later, was working in Drug Rehab and was able to get a personality test and talked my biology teacher into taking it. It indicated that she was suicidal. Interesting, where her belief system led her When I lived up north, I used to picket those murder clinics. I now live in the Tampa, Fl area. Is there any Pro Life Groups in this area that I can connect up with? I like very active groups (not holding hands and praying in a corner type groups). "Faith without works is dead".

God bless you. I support you greatly and especially those
imprisoned who have saved any unborn. I pray for Eric
Rudolph. I support local right to life and have been
persecuted myself for opposing an adulterous female
judge who herself had an abortion within the past year.

Eastern Kentucky is no longer a bastion of
God-fearing conservatism.

Again, God be with you all.

May those innocent babies rest in peace with the grace of God! And may those who killed them spend eternity in the wrath of hells fury!

Shelley Shannon They have captured Eric Rudolph, and there's a lot of controversy about the things he's accused of doing. I refuse to condemn him or his actions.
     Do we have to agree with everything anyone ever did in order to appreciate their life-saving efforts?
    Assuming he did it, I certainly like how Eric closed that murder mill (saved babies' lives) far more than I like how the thousands of other Christian men who could have in other ways didn't.

The rebuttal also comes forth that executing murders is murder, and therefore is wrong.  That is foolish.  Killing a murderer isn't "murder" any more than arresting a kidnapper is "kidnapping".  Arresting kidnappers and executing capital criminals is enforcing the law, not breaking it.

I would like to apologize for a mean spirited letter I sent you a while ago. After I sent that letter, I thought about the subject of abortion a lot, and I have to say that I don't agree with it now.
       Women who sleep around should take responsibility for their actions and girls who it happens to by accident should put those babies up for adoption.
       Just one thing I don't agree with is how you condone abortion clinic bombings and such. Like on your webpage where it shows that women that got cut up from the blast and how you said she got a taste of her own
medicine, I think that's just wrong.
       I am sure that every person that works in an abortion clinic wants to find a way out, I know that I wouldn't work in a clinic like that unless I absolutely, absolutely, had to. I know those situations are rare though.
       Anyway, please accept my apology for flaming you. I see now that I was wrong. I am, after all, only human and humans make mistakes. Abortions are mistakes. But in the end, we learn from our mistakes.

Dear Sir/Madam,
 I have gone through your website, and it was so interested. I am from Nigeria, 20 of age,
a medical student.  Please How do i enroll on any program in your organization or if
possible i will like to join the Army. I will like to receive an application form on an
program there, if there is option to join me, i will be have happy.
 waiting for your reply.
 Thanks and regards

Hi , Fellow Christians
Im strong against abortion i can have something but too see the pictures of those babies is just to much for me and it hurts me
deeply !!!
 so u have my support ..  also here in the netherlands i will spread this also .
 Bye bye Roel verschuren   Holland   (Amsterdam) wrote:

Eric I  hold you in highest esteem.
Eric is a HERO

I want to join it but I'm 16 years old.   Am I too young and is different race allow?, since I'm Korean American.
    I'm glad you wrote. Race does not matter, God created every human being, so whatever race one is, that is the race that God created him or her to be. Who can fight against God? Please read the link on Racism.

I don't know Eric but I do want to help him.  I have the gut feeling that he didn't do what he is accused of.  I may
 be wrong.  But I do believe in pro-life.  How can anyone destroy a precious baby?  I' had never heard of your
 organization until Eric was arrested.  and of course, they are going to bring everyone into this.

 I have written to Eric but so far, no reply.  He has a lot going on right now so I guess it should be expected.
 These abortions have to end and end now.  So if I can help, let me now.


 Should black babies be aborted so that they will not face a life of
discrimination and racism, lost opportunities, second class citizenship and
become hate crimes victims...
(Editor: Dear, See the page on Racism to answer your question)

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Please can you send me information for reading from your Movement and do you
have a contact in Germany?
Best wishes your friend

I wanted to let you know that I just sent you a donation of $40.  It isn't much, but right now it's all I can afford.
You guys are truly strong Christians to hold your stance against abortion.  I applaud you for not backing down.
So many so called Christians today twist the Bible any way they see fit to justify their way of life.  It's easy to turn
your back on the Lord, but it takes true courage and strength to walk the straight and narrow.
  If Mr. Rudolph and his family get a chance to read this, know that I'm praying for you, and praying that
Yahweh will watch over you and keep you safe.
May Yahweh bless you all.

Eric my name is Mary Ice and I am here to say I stand behind you all the way and that you are in my
  prayers and will always be. I am glad to know that you and other are out there willing to give there lives
  for the lives of an unborn baby. I believe that you will also have everlasting life in the eyes of the lord for
  protecting his little children.
                                          Your Friend Always,
                                               Mary G. Ice

Hi there, i think your website is absolutely fantastic and i totally agree with pretty much everything on this site.

Im so glad there are christians out there who are not afraid to take 'direct action' in 'just cases' such as in this subject of
abortion/slaughter of innocents.

It is my favorite website and has been my home page for a long time now. Its opened my eyes to so much as before i disagreed with it but God put it in my heart to question why i disbelieved...i hadn't researched deep enough to
have my opinion justified so i decided to. And after having read the whole site twice practically i decided its perfectly
just to execute an abortionist as it is indeed plain murder of an innocent person as my example below will show;

If a baby was being attacked by a madman in the street with an ax or about to be, im sure the police would rush to the scene and take whatever action necessary, but when it gets to abortion where there is the same event taking place but this time in a private building with another mad man (abortionist), then its a whole different ball game  and why?.........simply because the gestapo tyrannical gov't whom i believe is no longer ordained of God, says its legal to murder babies. So much hypocrisy here its
unbelievable. There is no difference as both the madman on the street and the abortionist both had and have the intention of
mutilating and murdering the baby except one is legal in 'mans' eyes and the other is not again in 'mans' eyes.

Keep up the good work and prepare as much as you all can for the coming 'attempt' of the confiscation of guns as part of this New World Order.

 Anyone who wants to check my website out can do so at;

 Remember people: "Be a shepherd, not a sheep" regarding the view on this controversial subject......just because most people
disagree with it, don't mean it must be wrong.....think for yourselves.....i made the same mistake....we would do well to read this whole site and with an open mind or to be fair our opinion isn't a fair or educated one and thus void.

Peace people!

Eric Rudolph is a hero to the pro-life movement. He will be our martyr and we shall continue the fight in his God's name.
Those who have not already should join their local militia or form their own.  The time is now to buy firearms to defend ourselves against the godless government and to protect the lives of our unborn.  We will continue the fight although
Rudolph is being persecuted for his beliefs.


The House has passed the PARTIAL BIRTH ABORTION BAN!!
I Hope to God that Eric sees this!! This is something I have been praying for!!
Thank God for people like yourselves that fight for the lives of babies!!
You make things like this possible!!!
One day, the slaughter of innocent babies will be put to an end!!!
God bless all of you!!!
Deborah Peters

Hi there! I have emailed you a few times over the past years, but never with such sorrow.  I am speaking of the capture
of Eric, of course.  I am SURE you are being bombarded with emails, so I will make my question quick.  Do you have
an address for him as of yet?  I have been searching the internet, yet still have not found one.  If you have it,
I would GREATLY appreciate it, and if I find it in the meantime, I will FW it to you.  Thanks in advance!


The stunning pictures of aborted children appearing on your web site graphically points out the hypocrisy of all this "God Bless
America" rot we're saturated with each and every day.  How can we expect Him to bless a nation that permits this horror and calls it a "right?"
I would like permission to show some of these pictures on my own web site, Please confirm or deny as soon as possible, and thank you.
The work you are doing is invaluable.

from Amanda
 I cant believe that Eric has been caught, Why Oh WHY are they trying put everything else on him. I have prayed for him for so
long. I couldn't believe it when I saw his picture on TV. I had wanted to see him for so long, but not like this. I hate that the POLICE OFFICER lost his life, but it doesn't compare to the lives of all the children aborted everyday. They never get a chance..God BLESS ALL....

Thanks to the Army of God, a few more babies will live
to know the Lord. We are please with your Army of God
and may the Lord Jesus God Bless This Group of
Christians until He returns!!!

I have had Eric on my daily prayer list since that wondrous day in 1998
before a name was given to the bomber.  He will continue to stay there.  I hope he
escapes to defend children again.

I was praying that the finding of Eric Robert Rudolph was nothing more than a hoax, with the hopes to make Ashcroft and
the FBI look like heroes.
Unfortunately, it isn't. They have 'their man.' And if that is not enough, they pinned every damned bombing to a baby killing
clinic and gay bar, on ERIC!!
..... I don't know what he did or did not do. I know that he has the lives of the innocent in mind. That's what matters to me.
I saw the picture of nurse Ratchet - Lyons, on your site. How can she live with herself knowing that she helps to kill
babies?? A woman, that is given the special gift of bringing a baby into this world, turns around and helps to kill them! I
will NEVER understand that as long as I may live.
I am praying for Eric. They can't seek the death penalty against him, can they? Oh God in heaven, I hope not!
I am thankful for your organization. I am thankful for people like yourselves that look out for the lives of the innocent!!
May God be with you and bless you,

the torch will be carried

I am a 14 year old boy who hasn't much influence in the world, but that will surely change. I
agree with almost all the beliefs of the Army of God, it is good to know that there is an
organization out there fighting the biggest holocaust of the world. Hitler had nothing on the
liberals of the United States.

Anyway I thought it would be pleasing for you to know that you have someone to carry the
torch of the truth and I will fight evil with all I can. Please keep in contact as it is
good to hear from those who share my beliefs. I will not give up. I have the ambition to save
so many, and I believe that is God's great plan for me.

God Bless, please write back,
(name deleted

I don't know where to begin. I am devastated and in mourning since I heard that Eric was in police custody. I lived
in N. Georgia & spent a lot of time in Andrews & Murphy.  One million dollars is tempting, but I never would have
turned him in & I would have helped him in  any way possible.
Eric was & still is a folk hero. Nothing could catch him, all those big agencies, down to the local yokels - not even
with their high tech gadgets.
I'm still trying to make sense out of this mess, but I can't. My only joy was knowing, for sure, that Eric was still

God Bless You Eric. You will be in my thoughts & prayers constantly.
Love to ya!
(name withheld)


 Eric is down, our last fugitive.  Like Clayton, whatever wrongs he may have committed, whatever particulars with which we do not agree, he saved many babies.

 I am a college student and choose Army of God to do a research paper on. I have found a lot of information and agree with many of the philosophies of the group. Can you tell me if they are still in existence, particularly in the Atlanta area? Is there an
 organized group or contact person?

Greetings friends , I just heard about eric. To bad i couldn't find him before the young punk cop. We could have hidden him
  forever right here in GA. I would really like to slap around that punk cop . He should have let him go if he had any
  balls. They have already convicted eric on the stupid news. It really pisses me off. Even if he did do it ,its an eye for an eye.
  Just look at the pictures if you don't believe me. I am trying to get in contact with XXXXX. I used to have his e-mail
  address but kind of lost contact. Can you help ? Please somebody HELP eric get a attorney before he gets screwed. I wish
  I could help him he is my hero. I am going to put signs up around this little town i live (milledgeville GA.) to free rudolph.
  after all its freedom of speech. Look forward to hearing from A.O.G.                         G.W.

Hello! My name is Carrie Williams. I watched a special on HBO this morning and wanted to email you to tell you that I am proud. Proud to know that we have people in this world like you willing to give their lives in order that others might live. I just wanted to show my support to you and let you know that I am praying for you and your cause.  Sincerely, Carrie

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28
Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. Proverbs 3:5

thank the lord there are others out there who feel the way i do i just pray for you all

 I have watched the program on TV about you people,    and I can see that you are right in many ways,    I'm trying to
change people through my music,   my parents are Christians,    and the views around here are the same considering the state
of our country,  we feel like these ARE the end times,  but we keep our heads up and work hard at our craft!
    I wish you the best!  The television program did nothing but wake people up,   it may have tried to paint you people
out to be insane,  but they are the same people pushing homosexuality on our public,  trying to make it seem OK!
our country is like an apple that is rotting from the inside out,  and its sad,  and scary!      we are protected by the blood of
Jesus here,   so just live out your dreams,  and work hard toward your goals.....           Jim

 Hello. I'm from Altoona, PA and I'm fourteen. I was absent from school today
and I was laying on my couch while I flipped channels. I caught a glimpse of
the show and I turned it there. Well, anyway I watched it and I wanted to
contact you and tell you how strongly I'm against abortion. The blasphemous
ways and sinful doings of abortionists gives me a sick feeling in my
stomach. I looked at your pictures and was horrified. Don't they realize
what they are doing? When they said in that ignorant little prochoice
"church" they have made me cringe. Woman don't only have no right to kill
their babies, they have no right to support the other killings of babies.
More power to you and God bless.

To view helpless babies murdered by BABYKILLING ABORTIONISTS Click here.

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Genesis 9:6
Whoso sheddeth man's blood, by man shall his blood be shed:
for in the image of God made he man.

 Numbers 35:33 So ye shall not pollute the land wherein ye are:
for blood it defileth the land: and the land cannot be cleansed of the
blood that is shed therein, but by the blood of him that shed it.

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